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Born during an Autumnbreeze

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71 years old
Rochester, New York
United States

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I love going to the theater and have been known to go see a movie more than once..some up to 5x. We have a couple Drive-in's that have come back. It's like stepping back in time each time we go.
Oldies such as Gone With the Wind, Thornbirds, or Titanic, City of Angels, Horse Whisperer, Six Days Seven Nights, Message in a Bottle, Stepmom..actually anything with Julia Roberts is a plus. Favourite Actors Kevin Costner, Harrison Ford to name a couple.

Being born in the 50s, I have to admitt, I love the golden oldies. And oldtime Country is right up there tied with the 50's,60s,70's oldies. Love Christian music...from old time hymns to today's Praise and Worship songs. Steven Green music,I've been to a couple of his concerts which were great.
GIVE ME JESUS, and LORD REIGN IN ME are songs I can't get enough of. And a new favourite group Casting Crowns.

Any thing written by Nicholas Sparks, James Patterson. I have a few more favourites I'll add when I get a few more moments.

It's always been a tie between the darker shades of Green (such as Hunter,dk. Emerald, and Forest Gr.) to blues (ocean blue, royal/navy to the state of Arizona's sky blue) Sorry I've never been able to break that tie. These colors are just breath-taking.

almost anything Italian,or a good backyard cookout. Does dessert count as "food"?? I love desserts *Big SMILE*

I'm Mom to Heather and Brian, wife(34 years), god-mother to Stephen (16) , and grandmother to Hannah (8), River (4) and newest addition to gramma's angels, Evangeline, who was born March 18. They are all my angels.I was a stay at home mom while my kids were growing up and now a stay at home grandmom. I get to provide day care for the little ones (while mommy and daddy are at work everyday) which I love and feel very grateful.... getting that opportunity.

Hannah was the first to call me Grandma. I fell in love with the word and that little redhead immediatly. I love hearing my 4yr old grandson wake up and tip toe out to me saying "Good mornin' grama" with a bigggg smile. My heart feels hugged each time.
I love any time i can spend near an ocean, beach, lake, quiet stream/river... or any time I can spend outside in the warm (NOT HOT) fresh air....camping...walking.
I love going... to the movies...going to the Women of Faith conferences (excited about this one coming up in June)...going on road trips (when i have the money,which won't be happening much with the gas prices hitting us hard).
I'm a lighthouse fanatic (whether it be seeing them or collecting minatures).
And my favourite season is (you guessed it) Autumn/Fall.

I don't like winter's bitter cold, and I tolerate, even less, the very hot summer temperatures. Being a redhead doesn't help much...I burn even in the complete shade. And don't care at all for that lobster look (no tanning here, *sigh*).
I don't like people who try to pretend they are someone they aren't. And surprising the trend, today, is not to pretend they are better but to pretend they are less than they are, and that is supposed to impress everyone. I find it very strange. I don't like people who lie to ones face but call themselves your friend.

Reading (when i get the time), my amature photography (mostly scenic, landscapes and photos of my angels...god-son and grandkids.) Spending as much time as I can with my them (a full time hobby, I enjoy sooo much.

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