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68 years old
glendale, Arizona
United States

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I love all Doris Day movies. I have so many other favorites that I can't name them all. Personally, I love the old movies. They provided real entertainment that allowed your imagination to soar without all that visual gore, nudity and explicit love scenes. "Give me that old time movie, it's good enough for me".
Sung to the tune of "Give Me That Old Time Religion."

I love to read when I was a kid. Still do but when personal computers appeared my reading suffered. Now reading often takes a backseat when it comes to the computer. As a kid I would lock myself in the bathroom to read while doing my business. Suddenly,there would be banging on the door. I would hurriedly hide whatever I was reading and open the door. Mom told me years later that I didn't fool anyone. ha
I love a good mystery and have read all of Agatha Christine's books with her famous male detective and all of Earle Stanley Gardiner. (Perry Mason) Zane Grey was an old western writer and I read all of his books two or more times. Today I concentrate on mostly contemporary authors. By the way if anyone needs to giggle, Read Marley and me. The book is so much funnier than the movie.

I love bright colors, especially shades of purple and pinks. I love wearing reds and black.

Once Upon a Time

There lived a young girl that had a magical metabolism and could eat anything and not gain an ounce. She grew into a young woman with a figure to behold and still she could eat to her hearts desire. Her roommates mouth watered to see her slathered on cream cheese without a worry. Their eyes would turn green and they would snotily comment, "It isn't nice to eat like that when we are on a diet." The young lady moved to her own apartment to be able to enjoy stuffing her face without offending anyone.
Time went by and one day at the age of 37, she woke up and said, "Eeeeks, I need to go on a diet". From that day foreward the lady just had to look at a rich chocalate cake and would gain an unwanted pound or two.

The End

Just trying to be cute but that is the general story. I love to eat and try new things.

06/11/2019 18:05:06
11/12/2018 00:22:41
11/10/2018 06:34:34

A work in progress. It's taking me a while to try to
find time a few minutes every day. Once I get it up,
I doubt if I will tangle with another change. ha

About this gal!

Gosh, I never have been one to talk much about myself on a public website.
In a nutshell, I am the oldest of 4 kids. My 2 sisters live here in Phoenix/
Glendale. A brother is in California. I have a Master's degree in special
education. Taught deaf children for about 20 years before getting out of
teaching. Married my husband when I was 35.We didn't have any children of our own
but my husband has a daughter by a previous marriage. We have a pretty and sweet granddaughter who lives too far away for us to spoil.

That is a long list but in short I love everything that is beautiful.
Such as all Babies, Children, animals,
(creepy crawlies and reptiles are exempt.)
I enjoy art, travel, old movies, reading,
writing little anecdotes, computer and the list goes on.

meanness and cruelty,
war and hunger,
lazy and rich and dumb politicians,
prejudice, bias and judgmental people,
liars and murderers
These are my favorite things to despise.

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07/01/2020 13:44:17

It's July. Can you believe it, Judy? -di

06/19/2020 11:21:04

Happy Weekend to dads, g'dads, sons,
brothers, uncles, nephews, and all
fatherly figures:) *hugs* -di

06/11/2020 16:10:56

Happy rest-of-the-week, friend!
*hugs* -di

05/31/2020 11:22:09

It's sunny and cool this morning, a great
send-off for May:) Hope your day is
just perfect, too, Judy!  *hugs*

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