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Tag: aging

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An Affair, Remember?
Posted On 10/20/2020 11:35:20 by texasjane
On the news today I saw a story about a woman who celebrated her birthday by jumping out of a plane.  She was one hundred and two.  Then I remembered my grandmother's older sister, Lilly, celebrating her birthday when she was also one hundred and two.
Lilly, was a real hoot.  She wore a bussell because she did not have much of a bottom.  I used to get a kick out of watching her turn her back to a mirror, then hold another mirror up so she could see what she looked like fro... Read More

Seniors Watching Out for Each Other
Posted On 09/04/2020 18:55:08 by texasjane
I was in the store the other day. We all looked like a bunch of bandits waiting to check out. I noticed a woman in another line was purchasing a small gun. I looked at this white haired woman and wondered if the news of the day had caused her to make such a purchase.Then she started to check out. The cashier's cell phone rang, he did not look up but started playing with his cell phone. Without looking up he said, "Strip down." Now, the poor woman shrugged her shoulders and removed her hat. ... Read More

Surprise Help
Posted On 03/27/2020 18:25:28 by texasjane
Let me start out this blog by saying I am so glad to be inside where no one can offer to help me.  Yes, re read the last sentence.. That is what I said to myself one day.. just last week.  I spent an entire hour trying not to get help.It all started when I went out to get my mail.  My house fronts out to a major highway and is across the street from a rest stop for truck drivers.  Huge rigs park while the drivers rest or sleep.  I went out my front door and headed across... Read More

Taking The Tired Out of Retired
Posted On 01/29/2020 02:40:33 by texasjane
I have retired twice. I retired from teaching many years ago. Went back to school and became an auditor and designed conveyor systems for a national chain. I took an early retirement from that career. My early days of retirement were busy taking care of my mom, her sister, and my many critters and responsibilities. After my husband, my mother, and her sister passed away I was suddenly left with no one to take care of but me and my remaining animals.I allowed depression and laziness to move in an... Read More

I Called You Mommy
Posted On 02/25/2015 00:03:39 by Dianna59WV
I Called You Mommy   The cold rain of February fell all afternoon, I turned my thoughts to a summer moon, Thought about the love and laughs you gave, Cherished the memories I work hard to save.   My smile leaves a shadow that reflects my heart, I know the day is coming when we must part, Seems like yesterday I wanted to sow a few seeds, Today I'm the mother meeting all of your needs.   I used to call you mommy in my younger days, Now I'm growing older and I'm set in my... Read More

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