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Never Again
Posted On 10/23/2014 18:48:40 by kiwibarb
Being unable to get an appointment with my usual hairdresser, I made one at a different salon to get a much-needed perm. Never again. Can't think of a single thing nice about that salon. While being kept waiting, I decided to decline if offered tea or coffee, because the wide windowsill at the front of the shop was filthy with dead insects, that had obviously been there longer than since yesterday. The perming procedure began and I thought nothing lived up to the card that calls them Professiona... Read More

Handy Hint?
Posted On 07/13/2014 22:39:20 by kiwibarb
Having been incarcerated in my house for two weeks, apart from grocery shopping and the library, yesterday’s sunshine was a welcome change, and today, although not sunny, at least wasn’t raining. It was music day, and Pete hadn’t phoned to confirm it, as he sometimes gets busy and forgets, so I rang him and sure enough he had forgotten, but would pick me up at the usual time. I pottered around trying to get Chirpy the Budgie into his cage but he wasn’t having that. Time was marching on... Read More

Leaving The Ninety-Nine To Seek the Lost Sheep
Posted On 04/13/2011 13:04:14 by Roselynn
Today I have been thinking about the one little sheep that Jesus cared so much about. You know the one, the sheep that wandered away from the fold; the one he left the other ninety-nine all alone for. Do you think that the sheep that Jesus spoke of leaving alone, to go get the little lost sheep, even had a clue as to why He felt it so important; to leave them, and go after one little lost lonely sheep?  Life is so busy and we all have so many problems. But do we really ever stop to think ab... Read More

Saving Electricity
Posted On 02/11/2011 21:56:37 by kiwibarb
The ever-increasing price of electricity is an ongoing worry for me now that I live alone. It never worried me unduly while Lyn was alive, because he used alternative methods of heating and cooking, which I can't do. I am not capable of changing gas bottles or even lighting our gas heater. As part of my efforts to eliminate unnecessary use of electricity, I bought one of those clothes airer things that look, when set up, a bit like a tent frame. The nice man in the shop set it up and I was sol... Read More

Exercise, exercise, exercise
Posted On 07/31/2010 14:48:46 by klbrinkman
Exercise, exercise, exercise   We got our walk in this morning.  I have a little pedometer that clips on the waist but I can’t find it.  We are pretty sure we walked about a mile though.  We took the Beagle – Lucky – this time.  He needs the exercise too!  Too many milk bones in his fat little tummy.  Windom has some wonderful walking paths out at Legion Field near Cottonwood Lake, a small fishing and swimming lake in town.  There are four full... Read More

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