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It's All About The Colors!
Posted On 10/31/2019 12:48:20 by yourchoice
I should stop trying to explain why I’ve been off The Hill for a spell! Who cares, anyway! I spent last evening just browsing around The Hill and dropping a few ‘Hi… how are you?” messages. Blogs have always been my favorite spot to browse and I did have some catching up to do. I read several blogs by Allen… I hadn’t met him before. His subjects are diverse and I concluded that he (as I do) likes to use words and photos in his communications. I will drop by when I can to catch up on... Read More

Born&Raised In Warsaw, Indiana
Posted On 01/30/2019 16:56:17 by happygirl44
I was born the second child to my parents. My brother died at seven months. I was born in 1944. In Warsaw, In. After me, mom&dad had two more girls and then we had a brother! Dad use to make cement blocks for a small place in Warsaw. Mom was mostly a housewife. Worked away a few times not for long. With four of us kids her work was before her each day! We played in our yards or our neighbors&friends. We walked to school. Walked home for lunch, when we lived close enough. Dad later drove... Read More

The Official First Day of Fall
Posted On 09/22/2018 10:52:20 by WritterDeb
Writterdeb's Weather Update:Though Starbucks has been selling its famous pumpkin spice lattes for weeks, fall wasn’t here — until now.The fall equinox, sometimes called the September equinox, is on Saturday, Sept. 22 this year  and will mark the first day of fall for the Northern Hemisphere.Just in time for the foliage to appear, here’s everything you need to know about the first day of fall, what happens when the season changes and what kind of weather we can expect th... Read More

Re: Greece and Cyprus
Posted On 03/25/2018 05:27:31 by Famagusta1974
I am Nicol from Cyprus, a very beautiful Greek island in the Mediterranean!!                                                                                                I do not know whether the American people like Tramp or not.  BUT,  Tramp made... Read More

Z – Zoos, Zippers, and…
Posted On 04/20/2017 23:16:42 by yourchoice
I’ve never been a big fan of zoos, unless I could go with young children, especially our grandchildren. Watching ‘little people’ delight in animals, no matter the size or reputation, seems to show a mutual respect between animals and children. I don’t like watching animals pacing back and forth in their enclosure. I suppose for many people, it is a treat to see real live animals from far away places; animals that they would normally only see in photos books.We have visited one exotic ani... Read More

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