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Tag: bananas

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Posted On 02/14/2011 14:46:43 by Notgrnyyet

I love bananas anyway I can get them. I used to just live for my Mama's banana pudding. I eat southern. Always have always will. Until my second marriage I'd never been out of Arkansas except to Oklahoma to live a few times when a kid. If you want me to go to a steak house with you they better have some pork chops on the menu. My second husband seemed to be from a different world when it came to food. I couldn't cook most of the things he wanted so he cooked usually. I really ha... Read More

Posted On 03/16/2008 10:12:58 by Thundercloud
Steamy here this morning. We were out of bananas so I sent Bluffo out to find some. After several hours I am becoming concerned that Bluffo hasn't returned. I don't know why, on this particular morning it worries me - but it does.

I am fretting.

It is typical of Bluffo to go off into the jungle in search of bananas, monkeys or blowfish and not return for hours -sometimes days. An unsettling feeling has come over me this morning, perhaps because it has been pouring rain all ni... Read More

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