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Posted On 09/10/2020 21:17:42 by yourchoice
I thought I would have my computer back home by now, but not quite. The new battery that was installed lasted about 12 minutes!!!!! The company has to get their supplier to send another one... hopefully one that will work longer. I was in the city yesterday to enjoy a "Birthday Celebration" with three other ladies. It was a "had my birthday", "having my birthday", and "going to have my birthday"! It was a lot of fun to enjoy a LONG lunch in a great restaurant. By the time I got back home, I was... Read More

Words... treasured or ignored?
Posted On 02/12/2020 16:06:12 by yourchoice
Many of my cyber-friends know that I’m not much for watching TV. I love music, and I love to learn new stuff, so I am a fan of YouTube. Politics is something that I won’t discuss if at all possible. So much of what is on TV is focused, either directly or indirectly, to current trends and politics, peppered with antagonistic, hurtful, and unsubstantiated accusations.  I’m a Canadian, living in an area that apparently produces ‘dirty oil’. Maybe they meant to say that oil makes you... Read More

S - The Season for Songs, Stars, Shepherds, and the Saviour
Posted On 10/07/2015 23:46:01 by yourchoice
As much as I am enjoying the autumn colors as we are travelling, through the mountains, and near the ocean, I can't help but be reminded that winter will soon be here. Our decorations will change from pumpkins, colored leaves, and harvest grains to red cranberries, evergreen trees, and a jolly guy who goes by the name of Santa, when he works at the Mall. The month of December is probably the busiest month of the year, if you have family and business commitments. School concerts, office par... Read More

What about the blogs?
Posted On 07/06/2015 15:14:14 by yourchoice
Here I am again... Can you tell that I am having a lot more time for the computer? The Hill is still one of my favorite sites on the computer, and I am a STRONG supporter of Administration here, and I've been thinking! (That could be dangerous!)There has been a lot of talk about getting some new groups going, and I know there are a lot of people who really enjoy them. I would also like to encourage people who used to write blogs to come back and get going again, now that the "blog police" h... Read More

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