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"The Dorothy B"
Posted On 03/29/2020 18:18:50 by Buffalogal
"The Dorothy B."My father liked to fish better than anything except for playing chess.My mother didn' t like fishing and would not go, so I became his fishing pal from the time I could hold a pole in my hands.We would fish from docks, rowboats or occasionally from "party" boats  that had more people on them and would go to the bay or ocean.Most of the time I enjoyed going along. In rowboats, we would fish off shore near Long Island, N.Y. and would see people celebrating a wedd... Read More

"But this is unusual"
Posted On 03/24/2020 12:35:24 by Buffalogal
"But This is Unusual" Many years ago my husband had lung problems and the doctor recommended moving to a drier climate. We drove across the country from New York City to the west coast twice to see if there was a job possibility for him but he didn't find anything Then one day 2 years later he was notified that he was having a job transfer to Colorado. The company was sending our family there for a week, to find another home. We had already been to Colorado so I was just thrilled and couldn't... Read More

Helping with masks
Posted On 03/21/2020 14:13:42 by Buffalogal
Just thought I would post a little blog here about how some are busy trying to help others. One of my daughters is a passionate sewer, often designs and makes her own clothes, and is in a group that usually meets every week. Of course that's not possible now. Another lady in the sewing group is a nurse in a hospital and mentioned in a telephone call, how they are so seriously in need of masks. My daughter has plenty of fabric so she and my son-in-law designed a mask pattern with tiny wires to... Read More

Unpredictable Releases
Posted On 03/14/2020 13:45:03 by Buffalogal
Unpredictable Releases                                        While volunteering at a wildlife rehabilitation center there were times when I was asked to release mammals or birds. Some had been injured and were now healed, or had come in as little orphans, found by dogs or cats or people. This usually involved releasing them back to the area they came from, a Division of Wildlife rule.... Read More

The beautiful peaches
Posted On 03/02/2020 18:49:10 by Buffalogal
The beautiful peachesMany years ago a nephew of my husband had several peach tree saplings and asked if we wanted one. Oh yes, that sounded just great for our bare side yard. We planted it and after a few years it had grown into a lovely little tree.The peaches were oh so good! They were large, freestone and very juicy so if we took a bite, the juice would run down our chins.There was just one problem, it was the first tree to bloom in the spring. In Colorado, we often get most of our snow in Ma... Read More

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