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Tag: buffalogal

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Never Forget
Posted On 09/11/2020 09:56:48 by Buffalogal
In 1983, my mother was very ill so my husband Jack and I flew to New Jersey to see her. One of the days we were there we went across the river to New York City  for he had never been there. I suggested going up in the Empire State building but they were charging a fee to do that. That must have been something new. Instead we just wandered around and came by the World Trade Towers and decided to go up since they were built after I moved to Colorado and I never had been up on top. No... Read More

A little bit about rattlesnakes
Posted On 06/28/2020 12:17:35 by Buffalogal

A little bit about rattlesnakes

Reading about Texas Jane's rattlesnake bite  reminded me about how lucky I was long ago not to be bitten by such a snake. After moving our family to Colorado from New York City, we began exploring the west. We had gone camping in Utah to a small campground that had various rock formations.By that time I was already bitten by the rock hounding bug and was going about looking for interesting and colorful rocks. I he... Read More

Posted On 05/24/2020 10:37:51 by Buffalogal
Celebrations The other day my watch needed a new battery. The one jeweler 3 miles away, had just reopened his store so I drove over there.As I was coming along Main St. there was a police car leading a caravan of cars beeping their horns and covered with balloons, banners, and ribbons with young people happily waving, so I stuck my arm out of the window and kept waving back as car after car passed by.It was the high school graduating class from Centaurus High having so... Read More

The Doors
Posted On 04/14/2020 15:07:36 by Buffalogal
The Doors, The DoorsMy dog Eba is a rescue dog from Texas. She is a little dog, just 11 lbs., and can wiggle herself through the smallest crack and like a mouse, she's always looking for one, so this little girl is also quite an escape artist.When I first adopted her, I made sure that most of my yard was completely fenced and there were no gaps at the gate to the front yard. The east side yard is not fenced.In my home there is a lattice door between the living room and hallway to the bedr... Read More

"The Dorothy B"
Posted On 03/29/2020 18:18:50 by Buffalogal
"The Dorothy B."My father liked to fish better than anything except for playing chess.My mother didn' t like fishing and would not go, so I became his fishing pal from the time I could hold a pole in my hands.We would fish from docks, rowboats or occasionally from "party" boats  that had more people on them and would go to the bay or ocean.Most of the time I enjoyed going along. In rowboats, we would fish off shore near Long Island, N.Y. and would see people celebrating a wedd... Read More

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