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Posted On 04/29/2014 07:19:06 by Famagusta
HORROR, VIOLATION OF ANIMALS IN TURKEY   Turkey replaced prostitutes with innocent animals, with dogs. The animals are captured, stunned with hard punches in their bodies and then violated. During these violations, they break the spine and can not stand such pressure causing breakage and tearing of internal organs. CAN NOT GO TO TURKEY, THE LEAST YOU CAN DO IS TO SIGN THIS PETITION, demanding turkey government to stop these crimes, to create laws to protect these angels and to punish these... Read More

President or Puppet?
Posted On 10/29/2013 11:23:03 by oppsgal

 Operation Fast and Furious Obama I didn't know anything about it.
The Internal Revenue Service’s extra scrutiny of conservative groups Obama: I didn't know anything about it.
Department of Justice subpoenas of Associated Press records  Obama: I didn't know anything about it.
Solyndra; Obama,  I don't know anything about it.
Bengazi  Obama:  I was never told about it until the news was released
The disastrous rollout of Obamacare... Read More

Convict caught by brave teens
Posted On 07/07/2013 01:37:05 by oppsgal
Last Wed night a convict who was doing 40 years to life for Kidnapping, raping a woman at gun point stalking, breaking and entering. He was gone when they did their 9pm bed check they did not know how long he had been gone.   The prison is about 5 miles from my home. This mans picture was all over our news and posted on most doors of businesses within a few hours.  Once such place was a little one pump, country store that mostly serves the Amish community it is 8 miles f... Read More

Posted On 01/13/2012 17:24:21 by Notgrnyyet

Brendas Daddy had a 56 Ford which was just about worn out. He got a different car and parked the old Ford. Brenda's sister got to drive it and if My Auntie made her she would take us with her. We were not allowed to go past Altus because then we'd have to get on 64 highway. The road from Denning to Altus was not a highway and safer. When Brenda got her drivers learners permit at 13 she got to drive the car to Altus where there was a teen town. Whooppee! Just her and I and weren't... Read More

Posted On 01/19/2011 13:54:19 by Notgrnyyet

Winter evenings when I was growing up consisted of Family time. We did everything together. In our house that included Brenda and/or her Brother Paul. We all watched TV, after we got one, or played some game that we could do on paper. We improvised to play checkers on a board someone thrown away and coke bottle caps and buttons.. A cousin who was in the Army came in on leave and brought us a Chinese Checker game that entertained us many a cold night at the Kitchen table. Someone... Read More

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