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Tag: childhood

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The Old Brick House part one
Posted On 06/19/2014 02:58:39 by oppsgal
The old brick house. When I was growing up a part of my childhood was spent living in a big old house on the corner of East Smiley Avenue and Third Street.  My mother rented the bottom half of the old Victorian brick home.  We had 2 bedrooms a living room dinning room and small kitchen.  Four porches, two side yards a back yard and front yard.  I shared the bedroom with my brother, and my sister.  Brother's bed was on one wall a single bed with an old iron be... Read More

Hey David Donnie, Jackey and Eric
Posted On 11/13/2013 00:38:27 by oppsgal
Hey David,  Hi Cuz, Think of you this time of year every year since 1962.   I remember you as a young man, 17 years old.  We were on our way to Grandma's house.  You lived next door.  You were not too big, and had a slight build.  But had been working out so you would be in great physical shape. Your hair was cut in a butch and  you waxed it so the front was always stiff.  Your Sister Mary, was older, and she really knew how to dance.  I rem... Read More

My Room
Posted On 06/24/2011 21:34:02 by Yanaba

Thanks to Judeann for the idea for this blog.  The challenge was:  Describe your childhood room.  What was your favorite thing about it?  What's your favorite thing about your room right now?
I was nearly twelve when I got my own room.  It was large, in a large old rock-sided house called the "old Smith house".  The house had been built in the early 1940s (I had found letters dating back to that time telling about the house being built).&nb... Read More

Posted On 01/18/2011 14:29:42 by azjudy
Good bye   I was six when my world came crashing down. Mama was taking us from Michigan to Arizona on a trip by the bus. Charles was five and Jeanne only three and I was a grown up of six.  I knew Mama was leaving Daddy.  “Mama isn’t Daddy coming with us? Mama looked at me with eyes full of  worry and tiredness and wrapped her arms around me then with a single word quietly said, “No”  “It is your fault Daddy doesn’t want to come with us” I yelled at her. &... Read More

Posted On 10/02/2010 12:21:14 by Derrough
When does one start to live? Oh! I know there are various opinions about when 'life' begins, but for me, living began with my first memory. After all memories are simply life lessons that we retain and the basis upon which we begin to form who we are, and what we will be as a person.   I was born not long after the end of the Second World War, and lived all my formative years on 'The Farm on The Fifth' in Oro Township in rural Ontario. Oro Township was a microcosm of life in rural Ontario i... Read More

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