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My Best Splanation
Posted On 11/09/2021 04:00:14 by texasjane
A day out shopping with the whole family entailed an easy lesson on how not to explain anything.  My mother and father, my Aunt Gussy, my Grandmother, my sister and me.  Grandmother had announced to the group that we had one rooster among us so we must be kind to him.   Four adult females and two little girls was a bit much all at one time.  I wanted to know why Daddy being a rooster made him the one in charge?  I got a wink and a giggle from each hen.  I was c... Read More

Swinging On A Halo
Posted On 10/26/2021 07:03:50 by texasjane
I could hardly wait until my sister woke up from her nap. I had learned so much today. October thirty first. Who knew it was the month of the spooks. I had never heard of spooks until this morning. I heard it on a cartoon, just before nap time. They are apparently something to be feared. I knew we were in trouble when I had asked our new grandmother if she had ever heard of a "spook". Her answer sent shivers down my spine. My heart was beating so fast. She said she was the Queen of the 'spooks'.... Read More

The Bears Secret Heartbeat
Posted On 10/18/2021 01:29:22 by texasjane
"Grandmother, Grandmother, where are you.  Jackie's Teddy Bear is alive!  It has a heartbeat."  I was running from room to room trying to find my grandmother.  I knew she would want to know about my discovery.  I had spent the whole day next door playing with Jackie and her grandfather while grandmother took care of my sister.  My sister had been hospitalized because of her ears.  She was always getting ear infections.  The only way to fix it was to put so... Read More

Posted On 08/27/2021 08:48:09 by texasjane
What a day I had, yesterday.  When I woke up I did as usual.  I made coffee and looked out the window to see the traffic and weather.  My house fronts out onto a major highway in East Texas.  I can pretty much tell the news of the day by watching our traffic.  I also have a railroad track on the other side of the highway.  I watch the rail cars to find out what industries are shipping.  I watch the big trucks rushing by for the same reason.  Yesterday I wa... Read More

There Is No Such Place
Posted On 08/25/2021 04:38:12 by texasjane
"There is no such place."  Billy was shouting at little Becky.  He was playing his usual Bully Billy routine again.  I had to find away to stop it.  I said a little prayer for help.  How do I reach these wonderful little minds?"Billy, can you come here a minute." I motioned for him to come to me.  He shuffled his feet as he prepared himself for another lecture about being a bully.  "I think I am going to need you to help me today."  That made him go a litt... Read More

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