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Tag: death

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Hey David Donnie, Jackey and Eric
Posted On 11/13/2013 00:38:27 by oppsgal
Hey David,  Hi Cuz, Think of you this time of year every year since 1962.   I remember you as a young man, 17 years old.  We were on our way to Grandma's house.  You lived next door.  You were not too big, and had a slight build.  But had been working out so you would be in great physical shape. Your hair was cut in a butch and  you waxed it so the front was always stiff.  Your Sister Mary, was older, and she really knew how to dance.  I rem... Read More

Hillsdale Update
Posted On 04/02/2013 05:35:59 by Derrough
Up and at 'em folks...
And a hearty good morning to all..and sundry. (You know who you are.)... First:..
Thank you to all who have left comments..It is so very much appreciated.

As most of you are aware, I have taken a sabbatical to write a book.
The book is still a work in progress, but I have finally managed to approach the year 1800. Not bad at all I figure, given that I started in Beringia at the end of the last ice age. 10,000 years (give or take), is not a bad ye... Read More

Getting older and Losing Friends
Posted On 03/02/2013 23:53:12 by Margaretmonteleone
I certainly do not mean to bring anyone down but I have to get this out or I will cry all night. This past year (actually almost two years) has been, well...less than good. My life changed drastically, but probably for the better; no, definitely for the better, but that is not why I am here tonight. I graduated high school in 1966.  In this past year, I have lost so many of my classmates that it is staggering.  Just two days ago, I received a message from the son of a girl (see? ... Read More

I NEED my Mama
Posted On 01/18/2013 23:50:33 by Roselynn
My heart is heavy this evening. I miss my Mama so much. Every time that the phone rings, I expect it to be her. I cried and cried earlier and now my blood pressure is through the roof. I want to run and scream and cry and I cannot because I am afraid too. I cannot accept the fact that she is gone.  In my mind I know that she is no longer here, but in my heart I just cannot accept that I cannot go see her or call her. I need her more now than I ever did before. I need her to be my Mommy an... Read More

Missing My Mama
Posted On 01/06/2013 19:51:05 by Roselynn
Mama, oh how I miss you this evening. This has been the longest week of my entire life. You were always here during trying times and the one time that I need you the most, you are not here. I don't know how to do this without you. I don't want to do it without you. I do not want you to be gone. I want you back. My heart has never been heavier and I have never been this sad. I don't know what to do without you. I just cannot imagine life without you in it.  I too am no longer living, but me... Read More

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