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The Arts
Posted On 04/25/2020 02:10:36 by kiwibarb
THE ARTSI could be rushing in here where angels fear to tread, but I seriously doubt whether any person has the right to dictate what is good or bad about any of the arts.Whether it's literature, music, painting, sculpting or any other form of art, the purpose of it is to give pleasure to others. If the work achieves that, (and most work will please somebody somewhere), then the artist has been successful.My preference in painting, for instance, is landscape painting, country scenes with farm an... Read More

Useless, Under-Used, and Useful
Posted On 03/29/2020 13:06:25 by yourchoice
Years ago, I met a lady in Scottsdale, Arizona who did seminars on how to be a good household organizer; organize your purse, organize your kitchen, organize your closets, organize your shop, etc. I still remember some of her ideas. To give an example… if sorting through a closet or a room, have three boxes/baskets that are labeled, 'Put Away', 'Give Away' and 'Throw Away'. It works well and if you haven't heard of it before, it could help pass the time these days while spending a lot more tim... Read More

My Pa
Posted On 02/25/2020 09:01:06 by texasjane
My mind has wondered all over today. I spent a lot of it thinking about how lucky I was to have had such loving foster parents.

My sister and I had come from an abusive home to the orphanage. My sister was very, very close to Daddy. The first time they came to the orphanage, my sister bounced into his lap and hugged his neck. I was mesmerized by the beauty... Read More

No Birthday Cake?
Posted On 02/24/2020 09:06:15 by texasjane
My new grandmother had just explained to me about Christmas. We were coming home from my aunt's house after celebrating Thanksgiving.My sister and I were newly adopted and these holidays were very new to us. I was six and my sister was 4. Grandmother explained it was the celebration of the birth of Jesus. "You mean a birthday party?" I asked. She gave me a soft smile and a hug and said, "Yes." We call his birthday Christmas" I clapped my hands and replied, "Cake and ice cream?" When she said "No... Read More

What's In A Name
Posted On 01/27/2020 00:28:11 by texasjane
My quiet night at home ended with an invitation to play bingo. I met 9 women named Jane. After the introductions, we all sat at the same table. We chatted about how each of them had gotten the name Jane. It is an old name in these parts and once the vote was counted, it was unanimous; all of us really like our names. We all related stories about our names. This was mine. While I was at the orphanage, I was called Cotton-top because my hair was snow white. My little sister, however, called m... Read More

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