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Tag: farm

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B – They’re Back… Bales, Buffalo, and Barley
Posted On 07/28/2017 00:41:39 by yourchoice
I made my weekly trip to the town closest to us, to deliver a pile of clothes that are much too large for me now, since I changed my eating habits, to the “slightly used” clothing store in town. I also bought groceries because we anticipate some guests later this week. I enjoy the 25 minute drive on the off-freeway road, to view the mountains in the distance, the farmland, and the activity at the small aircraft airport. On this trip, I suddenly realized that I was enjoying material for my ne... Read More

T - Tractors, Trucks, and Tools
Posted On 03/02/2017 19:00:57 by yourchoice
I have heard so many stories about  tractors and family traditions from my husband, and some of his friends gathered around our kitchen table on a coffee break. Even though I grew up on a farm, I have little to contribute to those conversations. I do remember the strange John Deere tractor, with the front wheels close together, that my father purchased the year before he decided that he had “enough” of mixed farming, and we moved to the city. He had been a cattle driver in the Cypress H... Read More

O - Only Oxfords
Posted On 11/18/2016 15:42:07 by yourchoice
It may sound like a silly topic, but I’ve had almost a lifetime association with oxfords, not always by choice. It all began when I was seven years old.Our family lived on a farm, in a beautiful valley near a flowing creek. Being an “only” child, my playmates were my dog, Spot, a coop full of chickens, and when he had time, my dad. He worked hard, maintaining a small herd of cows, and growing and harvesting grain crops. The winter of 1947 is well remembered for the record amount of snow th... Read More

The Brown Month
Posted On 11/02/2013 12:28:30 by Derrough
Good morning sibs, cuzzes et al..   Well here in Hillsdale, summer has had its last gasp.
It blew out of town yesterday in a wind storm which threatened to blow the roof off the house.
All structures are still standing; at least they are standing as well as they were before the wind anyway.   We are now in what I call the 'Brown Month'.   As I age, this time of year becomes my least favourite.   It wasn't always this way.   Fall was a time of excitement for me as a... Read More

Happy is the man who ...
Posted On 06/18/2013 18:29:59 by yourchoice
Happy is the man who finally has tires on his tractor. This has been my husband's winter project, and he's almost finished. The next step is to get a bit of fuel in the tank, to see if they can get this John Deere started. If you would like to see the progress that has been accomplished, thanks to several buddies who were so helpful in the project, click on the picture above. Now they are encouraging Ed to enter it in a community antique impliment parade. I haven't heard when that would be ...... Read More

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