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Tag: fishing

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Another Fish Tale
Posted On 07/10/2009 17:05:14 by Derrough
When I was a kid on 'The Farm on the Fifth', I was lucky to be invited by my friend Sharron Pat Kelly, and her family to camp with them on Beausoleil Island on Georgian Bay.

Sharron's Dad, Del, had built a wooden hulled twenty two foot cabin cruiser as a twin of the one he'd had built for the Navy Cadets in Barrie. Each year when we camped out on Beausoleil Island, we'd take that old wooden hulled cabin cruiser out on a day trip to the mouth of the Musquash River.
Not... Read More

A Fish Tale
Posted On 07/10/2009 16:54:45 by Derrough
I got thinking about fishing yesterday and a picture came to mind that I just couldn't shake! When I moved back up here to Barrie, Ontario from 'The Big Smoke', I often went up to The Crow River to visit my Mom's sister Eileen and her husband Claude.

Claude had been in the war with Dad, and he and Mom had introduced them.
They invited Claude to a party at 'The Farm on the Fifth' while Eileen was visiting.
They neglected, however, to tell Claude they had arra... Read More

The Softening Years
Posted On 09/06/2008 02:11:31 by kiwibarb
As a child, I spent many happy hours riding my bike all over the countryside, and often arrived at a bridge over a river which kids used as a fishing location. There was no way I could go fishing by myself, so I used to pester Dad to take me fishing. In hindsight, I suspect that his reluctance stemmed from the knowledge that we were not likely to catch anything and the whole exercise would be a waste of time. I think we only went fishing at the bridge twice and caught nothing. I don’t even k... Read More

More Hobbies....Fishing
Posted On 04/23/2008 21:53:18 by glorianna77
It's getting to be that time of the year again..... That good ole "Fishing Opener" weekend! Take a look at the Headlines that I have already come across.....It just makes a person want to grab that ole pole and a can of worms and head for the nearest river bank! First Wisconsin State Record Fish of 2008 Here is an excerpt from... Read More

Posted On 03/16/2008 10:12:58 by Thundercloud
Steamy here this morning. We were out of bananas so I sent Bluffo out to find some. After several hours I am becoming concerned that Bluffo hasn't returned. I don't know why, on this particular morning it worries me - but it does.

I am fretting.

It is typical of Bluffo to go off into the jungle in search of bananas, monkeys or blowfish and not return for hours -sometimes days. An unsettling feeling has come over me this morning, perhaps because it has been pouring rain all ni... Read More

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