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Posted On 06/04/2014 07:55:14 by Notgrnyyet
I saw a web-site  called These are a Few of My Favorite Things. It has pictures of beautiful and precious things like flowers and kids. Very nice but I wonder what they would do with pictures of Some of My Favorite things?
There are my favorite jeans torn out at the pocket and waist. Throw away my bestest' most comfortable jeans, You've got to be Kidding right? I'll keep wearing them till they fall off me.
Then there are my favorite shoes. They've been with me for a ve... Read More

Posted On 06/21/2013 21:29:36 by yourchoice
It has been quite week in our area. It is often mentioned that we live in an area of Western Canada where there are few disruptions in our way of life. This week has been the exception. There has been an very heavy snow pack in the mountains this winter. Just last week, when hubby and I were travelling to the city, we noted that there was still so much snow on the mountains ... and wondered how long it would take to get rid of it this year. The last few days, we have had very heavy rainfalls, an... Read More

Meet Our Neighborhood Gang!
Posted On 02/23/2013 00:08:48 by yourchoice
The neighborhood gang arrived this morning … the weather was nice enough for them to leave the shelter of the bushes in the valley south of us. Whenever they pass through our yard, we get the camera, and watch from our window. We have mixed feelings when they arrive … we love to watch the wildlife from our window, but this bunch are not related to Bambi. They strip the newly-planted trees, they eat flowers in our flower pots, and the bucks will charge if they think we shouldn’t be where t... Read More

What Would You Do With A Switchboard?
Posted On 09/02/2012 01:05:35 by yourchoice
September has arrived … and hopefully, our summer antics have come to an end for a while. It has been a busy summer. I’ve share Ed’s ‘outhouse’ project here, and we have had a number of  friends (and a few strangers) stop by to have a look. Still don’t have any bones to put in the bear trap, but I’m sure one will be delivered soon. One of our rancher friends has told his hands to keep an eye out for a horse or cow bone on the range. That created a few quizzical look!

Th... Read More

Not enough time and energy
Posted On 10/22/2011 11:36:13 by technonana
Well, I retired after working steady 24 years of my life.  Actually started working when I was 16 but did not stay anywhere very long until my youngest started college.  I've always said that I will die with unfinished projects.  Gardening, sewing, cooking, crafts, home improvement and decorating, Bible Study, entertaining.  I love all of them.  I'm also still active in church and civic organizations.  Secretary of the local Gardening Club, etc.I have always enjoyed... Read More

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