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Tag: imagination

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A Squirrel's Conversation
Posted On 01/26/2020 01:35:00 by texasjane
After spending the morning volunteering at a senior center I came home and started watching the activity outside my window.  This story came tomind.I watched as a squirrel came scampering across the street in front of my house.  It is a major highway and I am glad he got across without any problems.  Since there are railroad tracks over there I assume he is here from out of town.  No suit cases, just a guess.My resident, Mr. Sq, scampered down one of the pecan tree branches h... Read More

Question... What Would You Do?
Posted On 01/19/2020 20:13:13 by yourchoice
 I’ve had some extra time this past week to do different things, some that I put off for a long time, and some were experiments that I’ve thought about before, but didn’t have any “spare” time. It has been very cold in our area… some claiming that there were a few record lows in the past century. Of course, there are always some who will complain if it is only two degrees below freezing, or raining on their planned day for travelling, or shopping, or any other outdoor activity,... Read More

Posted On 05/03/2013 22:15:15 by mothergeorge
INVITATION   A blank piece of paper Is a wonderful thing. I pick up my pen And let my imagination take wing.   What comes out Isn't often quite right. But sometimes I feel My thoughts HAVE to take flight.   Sometimes I write Of things that are sad, Like the heart searing sorrow Of losing my dad.   Then I might write About a talking frog named Fool, Just to entertain my grandkids So they'll think Grandma's cool.   I especially like trying To find the right phrase That ju... Read More

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