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Tag: learning

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Posted On 09/10/2020 21:17:42 by yourchoice
I thought I would have my computer back home by now, but not quite. The new battery that was installed lasted about 12 minutes!!!!! The company has to get their supplier to send another one... hopefully one that will work longer. I was in the city yesterday to enjoy a "Birthday Celebration" with three other ladies. It was a "had my birthday", "having my birthday", and "going to have my birthday"! It was a lot of fun to enjoy a LONG lunch in a great restaurant. By the time I got back home, I was... Read More

Posted On 09/05/2020 14:04:04 by yourchoice
I don't know about you, but I'm getting so tired of political rancor in all of our countries, and the information, varified or speculated, about the virus, the economy, the society, the rights of everyone, and whatever else the media thinks is important. Thank goodness there are spots on the internet where we can read and celebrate with people who think "outside of the box" and show kindness and empathy in unexpected ways. The sacrifice and service from the medical profession, the police and fir... Read More

Computer Woes!
Posted On 08/28/2020 22:58:09 by yourchoice
It has been quite a week… and it seems that my computer took control of much of my time. Not really, but knowing that I’m always anxious to learn (or ‘relearn’) something on my computer, this was a new experience. I’ve been hooked on computer technology since the early 1980s.To describe my present computer, which I purchased almost two years ago,it will help to understand the event. It is a 15" HP computer that is a tablet with a full keyboard that is attached with magnets; my preferen... Read More

Time to Learn Something New
Posted On 03/06/2020 22:55:30 by texasjane
Someone asked me the other day what I liked the most about retirement. I answered that now I have time to learn anything I want to learn. I can even learn to speak another language if I want. Then I was reminded of the last time I tried that.
Have you ever done something that proved without a doubt that you were just a bit crazy. You never told anyone because you were afraid they might mistake crazy with really dumb. Well, like I said many times before. I was not the sharpest crayon in the bo... Read More

W - Wondering Why, When and Where?
Posted On 02/20/2018 22:16:25 by yourchoice
For those of us who are always trying to learn stuff, we often ask “Why?” We learn in many areas in our lives, and so much of it seems to cause us to ask “Why?” Some of the answers will never come, some will come with an explanation we can’t understand, but often, the answer helps us to learn the “behind the scenes” facts. I started thinking about questions I’ve been asking, and decided to share some of them with my friends. I would be pleased and surprised if I receive a plausib... Read More

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