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Getting older
Posted On 09/03/2009 15:21:47 by baronessofbling
Just out of the hospital after a week's stay in the hospital from hell. . .turns out I have a viral hepatitis. Not A, B, or C. . .who knows. Just horrible pain, over drugged on pain meds and now on a strict low fat, low cholesteral diet and NO alcohol for at least three months. Suck to have to deal with but it's great to be alive!... Read More

You Can Call Me Bill
Posted On 05/01/2009 10:59:53 by Thundercloud
First a little background: Microsoft will be releasing Windows 7 this fall and as most of you know, it won't come with a personal desktop email program. Yes, I know, Microsoft claims that Windows live Mail is better. We've tested it, it's not better. It's missing several features that make Outlook Express and its predecessor, Windows Mail, very popular with us and with millions of others. And, if you need proof that it's not a personal desktop email program despite... Read More

A Storm Brewing In The Cloud
Posted On 03/06/2009 06:19:39 by Thundercloud
Cloud computing is all the rage - from the hallowed halls of Microsoft in Redmond, to the tiniest cyber-cafe in Presque Isle, Maine - and some are even calling it the new "DOT.COM boom". Cloud computing is a term that describes a wide variety of services and software applications that share one common aspect - they all run on the Web and not on a user's PC. The only thing new about cloud computing though, is the name. Cloud computing has been around for years: instant messaging and Web mail are... Read More

The Disturbing Tale of Windows Live Mail
Posted On 01/31/2009 08:56:26 by Thundercloud
You can help save your personal email program by sharing this page with a friend.

This article is based on our experiences with Windows live Mail. While it is based on fact and our own personal experiences with it, it is, in the final analysis, only our opinion. We want to make it crystal clear that these are our opinions, based on observation and fact. We'd like your opinion too. At the bottom of this article is a link to a page where you can write a... Read More

Posted On 01/10/2009 13:26:17 by Mayrene
 I am a proud Cancer Survivor! I am not especially proud that I had Cancer, but proud and thankful that I am a Survivor. I found out in 2001 that I had breast cancer, and I wasn't surprised, because I had had so many problem for so many years. My surgeon was more scared than I. You see, I knew God was in control, and no matter how bad it might be, I knew God is a great physician, and He already had matters in hand. My family and friends couldn't believe how up beat... Read More

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