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Don't talk to me about sewing
Posted On 03/01/2013 20:23:14 by kiwibarb
If it weren’t for the photos I have of my daughters wearing clothes that I made for them many years ago, I wouldn’t believe that I ever managed to do the family sewing. These days I can’t do anything right with my sewing machine. The problem is that it never was my sewing machine, it belonged to my late husband’s first wife, and she was a professional seamstress. I have fought with the thing ever since it floated into my orbit. Today’s job was perfectly simple. I have done the same th... Read More

My Enemy, the Sewing Machine
Posted On 05/21/2010 21:57:42 by kiwibarb
Sewing is far from my favourite occupation. While I have always enjoyed mastering the complexities of such machines as calculators, typewriters, commercial printers, dictaphones, and to a limited extent computers, I have never enjoyed tampering with sewing machines. One of the most penetrating comments I ever received in my life, was made by a teacher who declared that if any student was going to do anything stupid, she could rely on it being me. Yes, it was a well-founded criticism. I was not... Read More

Posted On 05/07/2009 07:21:48 by Thundercloud
Today was a rainy, unseasonably chilly day in May. I waited most of the day for the rain to stop so that I could take my daily walk. I've always liked to walk but just in the past couple months I've become an avid walker; motivated by recent health problems and spurred on by my Georgian friend, I try to walk at least one hour each day. Today was no exception. The rain finally stopped.

Although it was very chilly for a day in mid-May, a light jacket and a brisk p... Read More

I Needed a Job
Posted On 11/14/2008 00:19:27 by kiwibarb
And what did you do yesterday, Madam, apart from nothing? was the greeting I got at the Plastics Factory where I had reluctantly taken a totally uncongenial job in order to keep food on the table. Being between husbands, and with four kids to provide for, any job was better than no job. The Plastics Factory was mainly manned by Maori women, and the above question was directed at me by Rita, the Maori forewoman. She was a brisk, capable lady with a whopping chip on her shoulder, and openly decl... Read More

Those Dreadful Girls
Posted On 07/28/2008 17:46:25 by kiwibarb
My sister Hazel and I worked together at several jobs when I was 17 and she was 23. We had a permanent job lined up, but there was a time lapse before we could start, so we got a temporary job at a chocolate factory. To prevent the chocolate from melting, the factory was too cold for comfort, but that was by no means the worst aspect of it. We were put in charge of a machine for making croquettes. One of us had to feed the thin round chocolate blocks into it, the machine wrapped each croquette... Read More

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