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Tag: memory

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Forests and Hedgerows
Posted On 11/19/2010 12:11:54 by Derrough
Looking back in time from a steadily advancing age, life on 'The Farm on the Fifth' appears to me now, to have been a microcosm of rural Ontario life in the years after World War II.
War production was rapidly converting to domestic production, and rural life was advancing by leaps and bounds from the Victorian to the modern era.
The rural unit at that time was the family farm as factory farming was still far in the future. Development for a child on a family farm was not measured in years... Read More

Posted On 10/02/2010 12:21:14 by Derrough
When does one start to live? Oh! I know there are various opinions about when 'life' begins, but for me, living began with my first memory. After all memories are simply life lessons that we retain and the basis upon which we begin to form who we are, and what we will be as a person.   I was born not long after the end of the Second World War, and lived all my formative years on 'The Farm on The Fifth' in Oro Township in rural Ontario. Oro Township was a microcosm of life in rural Ontario i... Read More

Memories and Mysteries
Posted On 07/18/2010 11:39:21 by Derrough
I have been absent of late, preoccupied in revisiting; or rather I should say, being re-visited by events and people from my past.
I'm not quite sure why, at this latter stage of life, when in failing health these pictures should suddenly appear.
Whatever the reason may be, they are providing me with a great deal of comfort.
Movies of events and people from my past are running through my mind in images so clear, I can hear the timbre of the voices, and smell odours and aromas associated... Read More

Posted On 03/21/2010 16:57:39 by Derrough
One grey and gloomy, cold March day
You left; you could no longer stay.
Angeu beckoned and you went.
Your time with us had been full spent. Soft brown eyes closed, excluding pain.
Our sad sore loss was now his gain.
Always man's friend, ever his foe,
With him you now felt free to go. In sympathy the sky did weep
Our sorrow ran still, dark and deep.
And then the rain turned into snow
As if heaven above did share our woe. No more we'll feel your soft sweet... Read More

Plaza de Toros
Posted On 07/02/2009 15:55:46 by catsme
Plaza de Toros In 1970, my friends and I spent the summer backpacking through Europe. Most of the time we stayed in youth Hostels, which were very inexpensive. Many of them included one or two meals a day. You had to purchase a permit to do this for five American dollars and then show your permit at each Hostel. It was a common way to travel and we met some very interesting people along the way. On a very hot Sunday afternoon in Madrid, my friend Nita and I decided to attend a bullfight at th... Read More

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