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My Favorite Psalms
Posted On 03/07/2014 22:18:46 by Felixd103

Psalm 16A miktam

purple heart
Posted On 11/25/2013 20:31:35 by rosegirl
hello my dear friends the week of viet day a army doctor came to visit us at my work place he spoke to us after he spoke to us i told him about my dads medals i receved long time ago unfortunly the purple heart was lost over 20 years i finaly got one thanks to this army doctor he told me  to google purple heart i scan down i saw medals i click on it i ordered one i got it threw the mail this past saturday more special to me nov.20 was my brithday and it came day after 50 anversery of jfk wh... Read More

To sleep; perhaps to dream
Posted On 10/08/2013 13:43:06 by Derrough
  Okay then.... Here's how it goes.....   Y'all know I have fibromyalgia right? And.. Y'all know that anything that touches my skin hurts, right? Y'all know how I hate shoes and boots!  So...   Once upon a time about 25 years ago, (give or take a year)... I bought a red cotton jersey nightshirt. Think of the top of a pair of men's winter underwear. Sure.. It had a cute little flower embroidered down near the hem on one side.. But basically it was a 4 button men's red underwe... Read More

The Truth WIll Out
Posted On 09/08/2013 13:52:31 by Derrough
Well dear souls; I have decided it is finally time to acknowledge my royal status.
I have kept this secret, lo these many years, deeming life would be much simpler if I could manage to live it incognito.
There comes a time however, when even the best kept secrets finally must be exposed to the light of day. I do realize that those of you who know best me must be somewhat surprised to discover that I am actually a princess. I do also fully understand that you have always considered me to be... Read More

Bring Back CMT
Posted On 08/11/2013 02:50:01 by kiwibarb
"Bring back Compulsory Military Training" is a frequent plea from those who endured it back in the 1950s, every time they hear of some young thug getting into trouble. Every youth in New Zealand, upon attaining the age of 18, was called up for CMT and only a valid reason would get them excused. Apart from mental or physical handicaps, and chronic illness, the only other way of escaping CMT was by being employed in a job that was vital to the country, including farming, but that only postponed t... Read More

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