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My Hero was a War Hero
Posted On 10/21/2020 16:40:09 by Coletracer
Texas Jane told a beautiful story of her Grandmother’s sister and it reminded me of a story about my Grandfather. Not wanting to take away from her story, I’d like to share mine.World War One, "an awful war".My grandfather, a private, Medical Detachment, 4th Infantry, 3d Division. For extraordinary heroism in action near Cunel, France, October 5, 1918. Having been wounded and ordered to the rear, nevertheless continued to administer first-aid treatment to other wounded men under constant she... Read More

Gray Day
Posted On 07/23/2014 15:20:20 by oppsgal
Today is a gray day, the air is muggy, and if you go outside it feels as if your oxygen is being supressed.  I don't go outside on days like this because I have breathing problems.  And although it's only in the low 70's I have the A/C turned on.  But I do enjoy sitting in the chair at my bedroom window and looking outside.  I see so many things, the leaves are turning bottom up waiting on the rain to come.  A mourning dove waddles around in the grass underneath th... Read More

Posted On 06/21/2014 18:43:39 by Notgrnyyet
 It is 105 here today and I got to thinking about all the hot summers in the late 40's and early 50's. Brenda and I roamed the area around our homes with ease never thinking it was hot. The refers then were not self defrost like they are now. All the refers then had those metal ice trays with the pull handle to open and get the cubes out. We were going to fix us a glass of kool aid and had gotten that dad burned cranky tray open. I said Brenda I've got a good idea. Yeaw What? she said. Lets... Read More

along a country road
Posted On 05/31/2014 01:05:02 by oppsgal
Back about 30 years ago for fun we would take rides in the car, gas was cheap and it was fun to find out of the way places.  The best thing we ever found is this story.
A hot July Sunday, my sister came to visit us when we lived in PA.  We went for a ride our idea of going for a ride was just to follow old back roads some paved some gravel and just see where we would end up and what we would see.  This day we were on a narrow gravel road we never knew the name of that ro... Read More

To sleep; perhaps to dream
Posted On 10/08/2013 13:43:06 by Derrough
  Okay then.... Here's how it goes.....   Y'all know I have fibromyalgia right? And.. Y'all know that anything that touches my skin hurts, right? Y'all know how I hate shoes and boots!  So...   Once upon a time about 25 years ago, (give or take a year)... I bought a red cotton jersey nightshirt. Think of the top of a pair of men's winter underwear. Sure.. It had a cute little flower embroidered down near the hem on one side.. But basically it was a 4 button men's red underwe... Read More

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