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62 years of marriage....etc etc etc
Posted On 11/09/2019 12:40:51 by GerriB
November 9th - 62 years of marriage - met in high school - I trained in X-ray, transcribing medical reports, ultrasound and nuclear med tech - 2 daughters - worked 25 full time years in X-ray and kept books for hubby's business, drove 2 dtrs to baby sitter (whom they LOVED - she had lots of animals)  did my own housework, occasionally met with friends in same lifestyle - moved from town hubby & I were born in (same hospital - 24 days apart = cared for mentally ill mother with constant h... Read More

K - Kites - Kazoos
Posted On 12/05/2017 00:51:07 by chillipepper
K – Kites -  Kazoo I have been thinking about some of the things that we did as kids growing up on the farm to amuse ourselves.  Things that were inexpensive or home- made.  Making Kites was something that the boys especially were good at and they were serious about these.  My eldest brother and a cousin who lived on another farm about two miles from us would spend hours designing and making these Kites. They were mostly made out of the Bamboo canes as the frames (this was... Read More

O - OpenOffice Offers Options
Posted On 10/19/2017 06:20:17 by yourchoice
I have been hooked on computers for years, starting in 1983. I don't remember what, if any, software came with my first computer, but it didn't seem to take long before I learned that Windows was the recommended operating system, unless I was going to university or living in Seattle, where Mac OS preferred. Microsoft Office was recommended to me when I became a serious learner of word processing. It was expensive at the time, and there were segments that I wasn't interested in learning. Windows... Read More

Posted On 02/13/2015 13:31:49 by Notgrnyyet
 I used to be afraid of storms. Seems the lightening and wind never bothered me, it was the thunder. But I think what scared me the most was the storm cellar my parents took us to when it was storming. They would bundle Norman and I up and carry us up to the corner house to the closest storm cellar. I can still feel the bouncing as my Daddy ran with me. I don't think Norman minded it much he just didn't like to be woke up. Daddy and Mama would wear rubber boots because that old cellar alway... Read More

Posted On 08/24/2014 17:41:35 by oppsgal
HERMITS ....sechandler 8 24 14
What is a hermit?  Usually it is someone who chooses to close themselves off from society as much as they can.  Only associating with people to buy necessities. 

Today in my local paper there was an article about two Hermits that lived near by my town, They lived in Plymouth Ohio even today it's a small sleepy country town with not much action. Except when the flyer comes out on Tuesdays for the local grocery store then the pick u... Read More

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