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Tag: opinions

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Yesterday's Travel Conversation
Posted On 06/30/2018 15:15:58 by yourchoice
We were on a road trip yesterday, enjoying the green fields on our way to the town where hubby and I met and lived 56 years ago. We were looking forward to spending the day with our dear friends who we met the same year that we were married. We have traveled thousands of miles together with them over the years, most of them in a vehicle with wheels (… and once on a cruise), and we are STILL friends.Hubby and I wondered if much of it was a result of a wall hanging in our kitchen where we see it... Read More

F – Finding Funny and Fascinating Facts
Posted On 08/16/2017 10:27:12 by yourchoice
When we purchased our first computer in 1983, it was considered a business tool. If I learned how to use it, I would be able to help my husband in his business by creating ad files and financial records. I read the tutorials, learned the meaning of a bunch of new words, and have never lost my fascination with the technology. Now, in my retirement, I still use my computer every day to communicate with friends (all over the world), create new friendships with people I probably will never meet in p... Read More

Me and my "never to be humble" opinions!
Posted On 01/05/2015 11:06:14 by yourchoice
Here comes my personal "never to be humble" opinions ... still the same as it was in 2014!I don't like talking about the weather because whining and complaining does no good ... it is what it is! I don't need to know who had a muffin and coffee for breakfast (... or dinner!). If I posted what I did or did not have for a particular meal, someone would have something to say about the nutritional content that I put in my body;I hate to be bored or boring. If I am, I hope someone will tell me;I... Read More

Posted On 10/30/2014 13:18:14 by Notgrnyyet
   I used to write lots of blogs. I stuck to the rules, just wrote about my childhood,sweet and honery things. I quit writing because the rules got too strict for my taste. I felt that my freedom of speech was being taken away..I very seldom comment on a blog. I read some with interest and agreement. Others I don't read because I'm either not interested or I don't agree. Recently one I strongly agreed with I felt I wanted to comment on, agree with.   I went about my way... Read More

Who is my neighbor?
Posted On 10/29/2014 23:24:08 by yourchoice
I have been mulling over the very active "discussion" as a result of one of the posts this past weekend. Even though I am a dual citizen of Canada and U.S.A., I try not to get involved in discussions that become a 'war of words' instead of a friendly sharing of personal opinions. Every single person, no matter their age, has the opportunity to learn from others if they take the time to listen at least some of the time. Everyone who declares they are 'Christian', must surely know the simple vers... Read More

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