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Always the Lure... of Books - Part 2
Posted On 01/23/2021 12:53:21 by yourchoice
Last week, I posted a list of books that I “rediscovered” on the shelves of our personal library, books that I know I’ve read but I can’t remember the contents or what I liked about a book. I must have liked it or I wouldn’t have kept it. This week, I want to tell you about the lasting impact that several books have had on my life. The first book that I daily enjoy reading and re-reading, starting in print and now on my Kindle, is ‘The Voice’ (‘ a modern language, dynamic equiv... Read More

Saying 'Thanks' On A Bad Day!
Posted On 10/25/2020 15:11:21 by yourchoice
We've just celebrated Canadian Thanksgiving... and I even wrote a blog about it. It has been a busy time in our household... birthday celebrations, a bit of travel, thanksgiving with some of the family and missing the rest, plus the daily activities that hopefully keep us out of trouble. October 22/20 didn't seem to fit in those categories. It has been said that "life is the sum total of all experiences...", and for me, it was a 'dousie'! I wasn't sure if I should laugh or cry, but it happe... Read More

What Would You Do With A 'Time-Out?'
Posted On 08/02/2020 17:46:59 by yourchoice
With all the reading that I’ve been doing this past few weeks, I have been tempted to revert back to ‘the way things were’ before the global endemic has tried to stop us in our tracks. There was always some place that I wanted to go, someone to visit, do some travelling, go shopping, etc.  The media tells us to ‘carry on’ and follow the rules, don’t worry, we’ll get through this, or they tell us that it’s going to get worse, no matter what we do. I don’t want to hear the n... Read More

Do You Know Your Cyber Friends?
Posted On 11/04/2019 11:32:17 by yourchoice
My weekend was wonderful … the weather was ‘ify’ and I was happy to stay home. The housework was done, I don’t have a garden, and I’m feeling quite well. I’ve missed so much of what has been happening with my friends here on The Hill, so I spent much of the day, sending private messages to those who are on my list of friends. I discovered that a number of my long-term friends have not been on The Hill for almost a year. I do know that one of them had been very ill, and I’m wonderin... Read More

What Was I Thinking?
Posted On 10/14/2018 00:05:45 by yourchoice
Well, I did it! You would think that if I was going to make a spectacle of myself, I would do it in some deserted corner of town where there would be no witnesses. But no, I did it right in front of the shop that I had just left. I had even asked the clerk to put my purchases in a small bag so that I wouldn’t drop any of it when trying to unlock the door of my vehicle. Last Friday was a great day, especially after the piles of snow that we were gifted with a couple of weeks ago. The roads were... Read More

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