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60 yrars
Posted On 12/19/2020 19:25:20 by kiwibarb
When I phoned my sister to find out if they were going to be home today, she said that apart from going out to lunch they would be home, and we could call either in the morning or the afternoon.Going out for lunch was the most they could do in celebration of 60 years of wedded bliss, since they are in their mid-80s and both have health problems. We decided to go before lunch, and then do our shopping and meander home.When Lyn and I  arrived, the next door neighbour was there. One of those k... Read More

A Treasure Trove of Photos - Part 2
Posted On 11/05/2020 23:54:09 by yourchoice
When I was writing my latest blog, sharing my passion for photos and photography, my mind was all over the place. Why am I so hooked on photos? Are others in my family just as 'hooked' on photos? Has my love of photos opened other avenues of interest for me? I decided that if I included everything that I wanted to say, the blog would be too long, and it would be boring. But it is hard to keep me quiet!!!!!For me, my photos are my version of a personal journal. I never kept a diary or wrote a jou... Read More

A Treasure Trove of Photos - Part 1
Posted On 10/30/2020 03:35:19 by yourchoice
I have always had a passion for photographs. When I arrived in our family, my mother purchased a box camera. I still have quite a few photos of myself, starting as a babe in arms, and my growing up years on the farm. I don't have any siblings so I was the 'star'! When we moved to the city, and I was attending school, Mother used a Brownie camera, with the glass view finder, which I still have in my collection. The definition of a trove, according to Webster, is a collection or store of valuable... Read More

About this Vintage Collection...
Posted On 09/20/2020 20:05:41 by yourchoice
I'm still finding boxes of 'stuff' that I've forgotten that I still have. I have to admit that I have  been distracted quite often, when started to sift through a discovered box. When the family tells me that I never throw anything out, I think they are right at least part of the time. One box was very heavy... no wonder it hasn't been moved in years. It is filled with newspapers and magazines. The Star Weekly was known for the photos included in their stories, and I have the issue in honor... Read More

The Treasure of Memories
Posted On 07/22/2020 23:34:43 by yourchoice
You may not believe this, but you haven’t heard from me this past month because I couldn’t come up with a topic that would be even slightly interesting in a blog. We’ve been staying close to home these days, except for necessary trips to town for groceries and medical appointments. Our favorite dining spots have been closed, except for curbside service, and the food would be cold before we got back home. A treat in town would be a drive-thru for donuts or hamburgers, but eating a meal in o... Read More

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