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Posted On 12/27/2020 18:21:13 by kiwibarb
Flying didn’t enter my life until I was 15. In my childhood it never occurred to any of  us that we could actually go up in a plane. During the second World War, we were terrified at the very sound of a plane, because we knew England was getting bombed by overhead enemy aircraft. We knew the war was on, and we had air raid practices during which we had to get into the shelters at the school grounds, just in case there might be bombs falling here. It didn’t happen of course, but the fear... Read More

The Shipwreck
Posted On 12/18/2020 00:30:25 by kiwibarb
We were members of the local Sports Club. I had never imagined that I would join a sports club. I believed myself to be the least athletically-gifted person in the world. I had a host of unpleasant memories in connection with my enforced participation in a variety of sports, such as basketball (now called netball), softball, running, and all other field events. All my life I had deliberately dodged any kind of sporting activity. Then I met sports-mad Lyn, who was a former rugby rep, former... Read More

Circumnavigating Our Island
Posted On 12/01/2020 12:56:26 by kiwibarb

Isn't it strange how a random sight, song or event can trigger a deeply-buried memory and give you a delightful peek into the past, all the more pleasurable for being so unexpected.That's what happened to me today, on one of our gloomy sunless windswept winter days, with little to recommend it except the absence of rain.Having arrived early for an appointment, I picked up a magazine and saw a picture of a very familiar beach. Memories came flooding back of the time we impulsively circumn... Read More

Posted On 10/20/2013 14:01:53 by maxxina

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