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L - Lake Louise
Posted On 09/22/2017 16:29:13 by yourchoice
There are times when we discover, through the eyes of visitors, that we live almost “next door” to one of the world’s treasures of nature, Banff National Park. We have extended family members living in England who have visited several times, both summer and winter, and a ‘must see’ location is Lake Louise. Lake Louise is at the foot of a glacier, and in the summer, the scene from the chateau on the edge of the lake is spectacular. There are hiking trails around the lake, a chance to vi... Read More

Posted On 01/22/2015 08:42:19 by Notgrnyyet
  I learned a lot of lessons from a hard experience. Some of them were funny at the time, others were not funny till years later.I decided it was cool to smoke cigarettes in the 7th. Grade. I had dabbled with them before when I was much younger with bad results. This time I thought I was grown up and I wanted to keep up with the 'cool' kids. I was tired of being a square which is what we were called if we had strict parents and wouldn't join in with things we knew were wrong. But heck... Read More

into the wind
Posted On 03/05/2014 16:12:16 by oppsgal
Five years ago I stood in washington DC with a group of disastisfied American citizens.  The group was given the name of "tea party"  as for me and the group I was with we did not want to become a party.. or a part of a party we wanted to just be independent citizens who were concerned with what was happening to our freedoms and the nation we loved.... I had written this years before.. and in part the issues I wrote about are the same issues today.. not much has changed.... since 2001.... Read More

Posted On 02/21/2014 09:19:14 by Notgrnyyet
I used to go to Nursing homes and Senior citizen centers and sing for Birthdays or just any thing they asked me to do. I worked in Nursing Homes for more than 20 yrs. And wanted to do something for those lonely people.
One day I was singing "How Beautiful Heaven must Be" and noticed a little lady with tears just running down her face. This upset me badly. I was going to talk to her before I left but never got the chance.
The next time I was there this same little lady raise... Read More

The Jacobite
Posted On 10/08/2013 13:55:38 by KevinE
The West Highland Line ( Scottish Gaelic : Rathad Iarainn nan Eilean - "Iron Road to the Isles" is one of the most scenic railway lines in Britain , linking the ports of Mallaig and Oban on the west coast of Scotland to Glasgow. The line was voted the top rail journey in the world by readers of independent travel magazine Wanderlust in 2009 , ahead of the iconic Trans - Siberian and the Cuzco to Machu Picchu line in Peru . During the summer season a steam locomotive- hauled daily return service... Read More

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