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Tag: teenagers

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The Case of the Red-Faced Teenager
Posted On 09/01/2010 20:58:29 by Rosalyn
The Case of the Red Faced Teenager
The early 1960's were still a time when girls were embarrassed to have their underwear showing. Slips that peeked out from under their skirts were about all you ever saw, and then they were hiked back up as soon as the wearer found out that they were showing. Whenever a girl heard the dreaded phrase, "Your slip is showing" she'd blush nicely and run to the bathroom to adjust it and become ladylike again.

Bra straps .... NO NO NO!! Definitely NOT! Thon... Read More

Happy First Day Of Winter
Posted On 12/21/2008 08:26:52 by Thundercloud
 Happy first day of winter.

Yes, it is the infamous winter solstice you've heard so much about. This is the day in history when teenage pagans used to run amok killing fatted calves, chasing and frolicking with young maidens, and sacrificing ugly,old ones.

On this day, in particular, I am thankful I am not a young maiden, and exceptionally glad I am not a fatted calf or an ugly, old maiden.

On winter solstice night, under the cover of darkness, teenagers used to r... Read More

Dancin'To The Saturday Rag
Posted On 12/03/2008 15:18:27 by kiwibarb
I was 18 years old in 1953, and the thing to do on a Saturday night was go to the dance. What dance? Ah, we had a choice! Every little town had a public hall, and every public hall had a Saturday night dance. I used to spend Saturday, what was left of it after doing the chores for Mum, preparing my clothes to wear to the dance. Girls didn’t wear jeans. There was no such garment. They didn’t wear trousers of any kind. Flared or circular skirts were favoured, because they swung out as you da... Read More

Times Change
Posted On 11/14/2008 15:20:34 by Dianna59WV
  Times Change ©Dianna Doles Petry   I had a conversation with a teenager today.  He was not my own child, in fact, I had never seen the young man before.  I'm not even sure how the conversation got started but he was very receptive to my friendly smile and he needed someone to listen to him vent about his boredom.  Several times during our conversation he stated, "This place sucks, it never changes."   Ah, but it has changed, I just didn't think I would... Read More

It's Okay to Cry
Posted On 06/30/2008 22:29:01 by Dianna59WV
It's Okay to Cry   You keeping looking around, Filled with so much doubt, It's hard to see the sunshine, You long to find a way out.   People fussing and fighting, While you die inside each day. What happened to your childhood? Your innocence was stolen away.   The days all seem so bleak, Every dawn as dark as the night, Painful words pierce your heart, You don't know wrong from right.   Blood and tears are too common, Your soul reflects the scars you wear, They preach r... Read More

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