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Tag: time

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I’m turning 60…6-0
Posted On 08/06/2022 21:15:29 by momtocam
The celebration is this month-It wasn’t all too long ago, or at least I didn’t think so, when I turned 30. I remember that day so well. It was a Sunday, and I spent part of the day with a close friend. I also dressed in black.
So, here I am on the precipice of decrepitude, feeling…well, not 30 anymore, but not how I would have expected at 60 either. My mindset is energetic, alive and forward thinking with a zest for learning more, living, and experiencing MORE. My gait, memory, and... Read More

A Walk Down Memory Lane~
Posted On 03/05/2022 08:29:12 by momtocam
This past week I learned a friend and (former coworker) was in the hospital…preparing to undergo heart bypass surgery. We started working together over 27 1/2 years ago. She, along with many other friends, (I’ve worked with) remain in close touch. 
... Read More

Diaries, Journals, and Newsletters
Posted On 01/09/2022 18:08:11 by yourchoice
It’s been quite a year, and I wish you all a Happy and Wonderful New Year! I’m sure that the past year has been similar for most of us… some ‘hav- to’ jobs, some happy moments, and lots of spare hours. As I wrote in our year-end newsletter, I did a bit of cooking, a bit of cleaning, a bit of napping, and spent many hours refreshing memories through boxes and albums of photos, writing letters, sending emails and text messages, and talking on the phone. I use my computer every day, but I... Read More

W - What a Wacky Workplace! - My Throwback Thursday Blog!
Posted On 04/30/2020 20:25:19 by yourchoice
This is a "throw-back" Thursday blog... changing the focus of our present "new normal" to a "how it was" at our home on a "normal" summer day! It is a fun memory. This was one of my postings in the A to Z Alphabet Blog Challenge.______________________________ _____W - What a Wacky Workplace! When do the wonderful men in our area have the most fun? When they are working on a project together. Some are ranchers, working together to drive cattle from one feeding area to another, or loading th... Read More

Question... What Would You Do?
Posted On 01/19/2020 20:13:13 by yourchoice
 I’ve had some extra time this past week to do different things, some that I put off for a long time, and some were experiments that I’ve thought about before, but didn’t have any “spare” time. It has been very cold in our area… some claiming that there were a few record lows in the past century. Of course, there are always some who will complain if it is only two degrees below freezing, or raining on their planned day for travelling, or shopping, or any other outdoor activity,... Read More

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