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Tag: vintage

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Where Have I Been...You Ask?
Posted On 05/10/2020 21:01:43 by yourchoice
Well, I’ve been ‘self-isolated’, along with my favorite and treasured husband, and reminding each other that we have no reason to complain about being at home; home isn’t a bad place to be. I can think of a lot worse places. However, we have notes on our calendar that will remind us of ‘notable’ events the past several weeks. How have we been spending our time here on our patch of the river valley? If you have read my previous blog “My ‘catch-up’ Story, our routine hasn’t c... Read More

We Are The World!
Posted On 03/18/2020 20:06:12 by yourchoice
This is going to be a short blog... (did I hear a couple of sighs of relief???) A friend of mine sent the link to this video today, from Old School Music. Being that there have been several music blogs posted, and I had to admit that I never heard of them before, I thought I would pass this video on, and tell my dear friends here that I recognize most of the singers from my "younger" years... or perhaps the mid-life segment of my life. Allen may be surprised! I also think that this particular so... Read More

About collecting telephones ...
Posted On 08/18/2014 23:39:34 by yourchoice
Before I take you on a new “Armchair Adventure”, I need to give you a bit of background. My husband Ed worked for Alberta Government Telephones as a repairman, lineman, and plant inspector in the early 1950s. Most of his work was in rural districts, but when he was transferred to head office in Edmonton, other business opportunities came his way, and he resigned with over 10 years of experience in the telephone industry. In the 1980s he began to collect vintage telephones, which kept increas... Read More

Watching a parade from your favorite chair ...
Posted On 08/16/2014 17:30:04 by yourchoice

Here I am again ... I hope you don't mind me trying "new stuff" here on NOTH. I recently was told that I can share photos that I have posted on Facebook to people who are not on Facebook followers, so here is my attempt ...PARADE AT PIONEER ACRES IN ALBERTA There is not a lot of explanation ... you will have to guess at the year and model of the participants ... or just enjoy the photos. They may spark some memories of your own. It could take... Read More

Armchair Travel with me ... enjoy the nostalgia!
Posted On 08/13/2014 21:55:48 by yourchoice
I've had trouble slowing down enough this week to get my photos together from our last excusion. This past Sunday, we traveled about 65 miles to the annual Pioneer Acres vintage Tractor Show. It has been an annual event for 45 years, and is a 3-day event.   If you are interested in doing a bit of "Armchair Traveling", clic on the link below. WARNING: These pictures may stir up some of your own memories ... but for me, having a nostalgia attack from time to time is good for the heart ... and... Read More

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