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Tag: winter

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L - Lake Louise
Posted On 09/22/2017 16:29:13 by yourchoice
There are times when we discover, through the eyes of visitors, that we live almost “next door” to one of the world’s treasures of nature, Banff National Park. We have extended family members living in England who have visited several times, both summer and winter, and a ‘must see’ location is Lake Louise. Lake Louise is at the foot of a glacier, and in the summer, the scene from the chateau on the edge of the lake is spectacular. There are hiking trails around the lake, a chance to vi... Read More

Z - Zero, Zippers, and our Zeneth
Posted On 11/20/2015 14:44:32 by yourchoice
Even though we still have a month to go before the first day of winter, we are experiencing below zero days this month. We are never quite prepared for such days, even though we understand that it is almost inevitable in our area. For those who wonder how we can tolerate such cold weather, we ask the same question to those who live in tropical areas. In the north, we dash from one warm or heated location to another, as quickly as possible, just as in hot weather, the rush is from one cool or air... Read More

Posted On 01/22/2015 08:54:55 by Notgrnyyet
  Life can be rough but it can also be wonderful. It really comes down to the way we handle all the fears, hurts, hopes, dreams, and everyday problems that we are sure to face. Just when things are smooth on the road you can be sure that there will be a bump up ahead that is totally going to wreck your cart and all the things that were good are going to come spilling out in a great big heap. What counts is how you handle the spill. You can scream and holler about all the injustices of... Read More

Winter time heating in my childhood
Posted On 08/19/2013 16:57:50 by oppsgal
I was born in 1947 when my birth father died in 1950 we moved into a 1/2 double Victorian house, mama's rent was 19 dollars a month.  We had the downstairs. In Ohio the winters can get pretty cold.  I remember mom sticking folded newspapers under all the doors and in the door cracks to keep the air out  we only used one door in wintertime.  and we used  plastic draperies bought at the 10cent store to cover the windows to keep the drafts down, and she would tap... Read More

My Attitude Adjustment
Posted On 03/03/2013 11:47:08 by yourchoice
I'm as snug as a bug in a rug this morning as I watch the snow storm from my window. We had plans for today, but the weather announcements are strongly suggesting that unless we have an emergency, we should stay off the roads. Being that we are 'country folk', and to go anywhere we need to do a bit of travelling, we will heed the warning. This too will pass!

As I have been listening to music, reading email messages, knitting, and wandering around The Hill, I remembered a video from the Mo... Read More

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