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Our Self-Imposed Isolation
Posted On 04/15/2020 23:45:04 by yourchoice
I have a question! Has Spring arrived at your location? OK, we live in different areas, some even in the southern hemisphere, so you can tell me what season you are enjoying. The one thing that we do have in common is the world-wide pandemic. Perhaps I should ask if the pandemic has arrived in your neighborhood. Do you have a family member, a neighbor, a co-worker who has been diagnosed with coronavirus? If you have been separated from your family or living alone, how are you spending your day?... Read More

X - From X to Xyster
Posted On 02/27/2018 06:30:53 by yourchoice
In my opinion, the last three letters of the English alphabet are the most difficult in this challenge. In previous challenges, I have used common words like xylophone x-ray and xylitol. What’s left? To get some idea, I went to Google, and typed ‘words that start with x’! I was amazed at the huge list of words, most I can’t even pronounce.Did you know that the first word that starts with ‘x’ is X? I didn’t either! Here is the definition: X - to represent the signature of a person w... Read More

J - Jackaroo - Jumbuck
Posted On 11/17/2017 18:00:08 by chillipepper
J – Letter  Jackeroo - Jumbuck When it came to the J Letter I wasn’t all that sure what to write about.  I thought of several subjects but wasn’t really happy with those then one night when I couldn’t sleep (Why is it mostly at night that we think of these things that otherwise escape us?) The thought occurred to me of writing about the meaning of some of the Australian ‘Slang’ words that are used here. Many of the words that I grew up with are gradually fazing out as... Read More

W - Wordsmiths
Posted On 04/10/2017 23:37:48 by yourchoice
First of all, did you know that the term ‘wordsmith’ is an English language word that was created in late 1800s to describe a person who works with words, and is especially a skillful writer. The word ‘skillful’ in the last sentence leaves me out; I’m not skilled but I love words. I talk a lot, at time too much, but I also remind myself that I need to listen to other people’s stories. They are very interesting too… well, most of them! I don’t like to listen to gossip, o... Read More

Posted On 01/20/2014 14:54:49 by Notgrnyyet

I can't see the sense in texting unless you are hiding  somewhere, like in class or Church which is a no no in the first place. Could be you just don't want everyone around you hearing your conversation and sometimes and some places that would be polite. I don't know what most of these things mean and don't want to know. Two I do know and that is LOL laugh out loud and ROFL. rolling on floor laughing.  I only know because I googled them.   At least I think... Read More

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