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To Eat or Not To Eat Is The Questions
Posted On 02/16/2013 10:40:20 by Ella

Mass Destruction of Our Food

Is everyone as confused as I am about what to eat or drink? Every day we are told, don’t eat this or don’t drink that as it will kill you. Diet drinks are so bad for you that one almost feels they are committing a crime if you plop one from the dispenser. I can see ladies secretly grabbing the diet coke and shoving it into their huge purses and in the future there might be a law or fine for concealment of a diet drink like concealment for a weapon. Well according to the research the diet drink is now a mass weapon of destruction.  They are not even sure at this point what is in the diet drink that is causing all the trouble.  How about all of our food that is causing us trouble and we know what is in it. What are they doing about that?  The additives that are in food that also goes in anti-freeze and what about the colorings that cause cancer but still show up in our food supply.

Is the big government asleep, are they stupid, or getting a profit from the killing factors in our food? Where is Obama’s wife in all this? She did a great thing about trying to fix the school lunches and save the brains of our children but where does she think they eat when they are not in school? How can we buy the right food if it’s all tainted?

They did a study and now they are saying wine gives us cancer and especially women for breast cancer. I think they said also beer as its the alcohol, so first they say drink some it’s good for you and now they are saying no don't drink it. I guess if we listen to them, well, let’s see, we could have water,,,,no wait most of that is impure even in the bottles, so bread and water,,,well, bread, no they say the wheat is spliced with something now and the grain isn't what our forefathers ate and so now the wheat is making us sick, oh, oh, I got it, we can live on our own fat and go out in the summer and fight the bears for rich sun grown berries in the fields,,,REALLY, with all the smog and pollution, those berries are already dusted! Live on I say and pray over the food and do the best with what we have right?


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02/18/2013 21:54:11

I was reading this blog with interest ... and a question came to mind. How is it possible to delete a comment that was posted to a Blog? I thought that Blogs were open to expressed opinions! I have seen this happen before, and it is my opinion that the 'nit-pickin' takes away from the Blog 'conversation'! With any conversation, there can be a difference of opinion ... but to delete a comment lacks tolerance, shows arrogance, and is just plain rude! 
This is my personal opinion, and I'm sticking to it! If I am wrong, please let me know.

BTW ... the topic is great, even thought the answers are difficult. Each of us needs to decide for ourselves.

02/17/2013 12:57:39

Great post Ella.  sure has people thinking and talking including me.  AS to a p ost being deleted because Mrs. Obumer was mentioned. I did not see the post so do not know the reference that was made in it.  But she has made it her job to speak out about our foods and childhood obesity.  Which is a problem here in the states.  Kids do not get enough exercise, and much of what was in school lunchs were not gtood for them.  I am not an obama fan but never the less. our kids are eating healthier now than before.  If they do indeed eat it.. Schools report that more food is wasted than ever before as kids dump it in the trash.  Teachers say kids go hungry too, and athletes say they do not get enough for the exercise they have to do.  And the pr ice of lunches have went up 20 to 30 cents each.  While Michelle and Barry both have proved they do not follow the restrictions as they vacation and dine out..

But when government begins to ration out what people can buy like the mayor of New York City.  enough is enough.. AND also the State Government of New York interferes in what people consume it is illegal to put in a certain amount of salt.

So now recently scientist have come out saying old fashioned LARD is better for us than the Vegtable Oils we have been using because veg oils contain saturated fat and Lard does not.  Go figure that one out. 

Many children are obese not because of food but because of genetics.  But now they have become poster children of attack, and often ridicule of other students, as they are picked out as the reason for the food changes. I sure would not want to be in school now adays it was bad enough to be a chubby back in the 1950's.  But at least I did not have the First Lady shoving it down my throat that I was plump.  But enough said.. Just some more of my thoughts.


02/17/2013 09:11:18

I say the HECK to all the warnings I eat what ever I want.... we hve to die of something but life is to be lived.  Be wise but LIVE.  and the H with government control of our everyday lives. !!  Now I think I will have my 2nd diet coke of the day and its oly 10 am.  and with that I may eat some potato chips with onion dip.  followed up by a bowl of chcolate ice cream.  and then start to fix dinner.. of fried chicken and mashed potatos. 

I am now 65 years old and have eaten most of the stuff that is bad for us all my life.  and I am going to die happy after all everyone dies of something someday.  and we can't put it off cause eventually it comes to all of us.

02/16/2013 23:37:28

Can someone please tell me why my previous post about the FDA disappeared from this Blog?

02/16/2013 19:30:42

Why the need to bring Michelle Obama into an otherwise good
blog is out of order in my personal opinion. It’s up to the buyer to read the labels on packages that show what ingredients  are used in the processing. If you don’t know what drugs or whatever are being used then do a bit of online research and check it out for yourself. That will give you an informed opinion as to buy it or not.

Diet sodas contain Aspartame and that is a cancer causing substance and that’s been used for many years and long before Michelle arrived in the white house--------If blame is to be made the section below will tell you where the finger should be pointed, I typed Rumsfeld and Aspartame into my browser and this was one part of it and makes very interesting reading---Kind regards, Fletch


In 1981, the newly appointed FDA Commissioner, Arthur Hull Hayes, ignored the negative ruling and approved aspartame for dry goods. As recorded in the Congressional Record of 1985, then CEO of Searle Laboratories Donald Rumsfeld said that he would
"call in his markers" to get aspartame approved. Rumsfeld was on
President Reagan's transition team and a day after taking office appointed
Hayes. No FDA Commissioner in the previous sixteen years had allowed aspartame on the market.

02/16/2013 10:58:52

This is great and all so true! I guess all we can do is eat and drink in moderation. If one checks the studies they are talking about very large consumptions of any given product. For example, the woman who dies from drinking 2 gallons of Coke and smoking 30 cigarettes over a long period of time without proper nurishment. That's being excessive!

As for "living on our own fat" that isn't a joke to me. While I was on my diabetic weight-loss program I got gout of all things! My doctor and I realized that, even though, I was cutting most fat from my diet, my body was utilizing the fat in it and thus, the gout. So, I'm now on a medication for that the rest of my life.

Yes, everything is bad for us if we overdo it. Moderation!

Thanks for a great thought provoking Blog.

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