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On Our Corner of Paradise
Posted On 05/02/2013 11:55:45 by Junie_PapaAllen

This was our May Day gift! We received 1½" of snow. It started out hailing the night before then poured down rain and rained all night. When we went to town yesterday it was a cross between rain and sleet. The wind was also blowing so when this hit us it hurt! Then turned to snow and snowed all day into the night. The weather doesn't know what it doing!! It is all starting to melt off now, though.
Papa and Pepper Dog are taking a nap while I showered and cooling off in front of the computer. I have a Epidural procedure this afternoon. I'm not looking forward to it because I always have a pain that goes down my left leg. Kip says he gets the needle in so far and it starts curving. He's shown it to on the ex-ray. He does it with it ex-ray so he knows exactly where he's at. Even with this complication I feel he's really good. At least, he doesn't leave a bruise mark all the way across my back like the first person who did it! I end up with just a teeny-tiny spot where the needle went in and that's all.
Anyway, when I get home I will be laying down for a few hours whether I want to or not. It works better that way. We need to do some more shopping but it will just need to wait until tomorrow. We have several places to go, too.
Think I'll go sit in my recliner for awhile then get up and use the curling iron on my hair. Oh, how I hate doing that! That's why I always wore my hair long and pulled up and back on the sides. But it's too short to do it that way right now. Since I color my hair I've discovered that it grows almost a half inch every month so it won't take too long now before I can go back to the old way. The perm is nearly out of it, too; very loose on the ends in the back. I can't wait!
We hope y'all have a great day and evening! Be careful and keep looking up.
Much Love, Junie & Papa Allen


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