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Posted On 05/04/2013 18:19:10 by emom101
2013*5*4-Saturday Derby Day!


Get your buns in here and get dried off. Sheesh! It's a muddy track today. Race is about to start in 10 or so minutes. Ya know, at one time I could name the winners (3 top dogs) every Derby. Then I mentioned this to my long time ago ex. He said MONEY and that was it! I was not supposed to make money with this gift and I was NEVER able to pick a winner again. Could do the same thing with the trotters and pacers. My brain knew what to look for somehow. Seets, my big red horse) was a good teacher... lolol

WOW! AND THE ORB WON! Fandamtastic!

Let's see now, back down to earth...sorta'. lolol Got a call from the Marv a day or so ago. He's back from his trip to Hawaii. I'm still hiding in the fall out shelter cause I know he's gonna' get me over my Gekko remark! that one was a biggie... bout the best I've ever done. Starting to giggle.

Then today, I get a call from the DDBrat! Another sheesh! All down hill from there! Just because I saw an mini outhouse... sent to him with a note saying it reminded me of him, DDBrat, because he is full of it! lololol Now I AM giggling! However, he says he's found the perfect gift for me. Oh dear! Will I live thru this or not????? lololol

What else? Went grocery shopping last Sunday and then G'cutter came out Thursday? Or Friday? to mow. Anyway, he took me to the hardware store and guess what I found while looking for sumfin else? Light bulbs for my "Late nite dinners" flag. lolol A packet of two Christmas tree size bulbs for under a Dollar! I'm back in business! lolol (Sherri reminds me every once in a while to keep my reputation in working order) lolol Whatever that may mean! Now I'm on the floor!

I've decided I really have some one of a kind friends! In their ways, they are all so loveable...but really strange. Laffin' out loud now! And then there's the Little Jake. What can I say... Another rotten kid!

re: the pix... lolol the cartoon says it all. and the two of the black snake? I found him tangled up in a throw rug in the doorway to the hall. I stepped on him over nite not realizing what was there. (I thought it was a dog toy) Then I stepped over him three or four times while I got ready to go to town. Oh yeah!

I discovered him on my last trip thru the door. Hmmmm! Partly belly up. Playin' possum? Dead? Nudged him with my foot. Nothing. Reached down and picked him up behind his head. Carried him out to back porch...That is a 4 foot ruler. Boards and space = 6". Then there was the time I found twq blue tailed skinks in the bathtub.

I think that had better be it for now... lolol Take care all of mine. Go in safety always. Remember that Mother Nature always has the upper hand. lolol

Many hugs, much love and lots of lafter... meems

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