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Calgary Flooding ... Update!
Posted On 06/24/2013 22:48:02 by yourchoice

Several days ago, I posted a blog about the flooding in our city. Today, I found this YouTube video as an update.

 Calgary Strong Song

One more thing ... Have you heard of the Calgary Exhibition and Stampede, the world famous rodeo and exhibition that takes over our city for 10 days in July? It is supposed to start in two weeks, but with the flooding, everyone was expecting to hear that it would be cancelled. Today, it was announced that it will start on time "HELL OR HIGH WATER"! How's that for a slogan? It will be interesting to watch the progress of the clean-up.

Thanks to so many on NOTH who have expressed their concern for those affected by this very unusual 'happening' in southern Alberta.


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06/25/2013 17:24:30

I'm just thankful all my family in Calgary is safe. Actually our main worry has been Edgewater BC which was totally isolated for 2 days. We had assurances from Calgary early on that everyone was safe. Now.. We just have to worry about the family in Saskatchewan. That water just keeps on rollin'. How like an ever rolling stream....
Mayor Naheed Nenshi is doing a great job for Calgary. Between his encouragement and Calgarians ingrained do or die personality..I'm sure the Stampede will be a go.
Go Cowtown!

06/25/2013 13:43:00

kiwibarb wrote:

Best of luck to Calgary ane everyone involved with the Exhibition and Stampede!

There is some controversy about continuing with the Stampede and Exhabition, but with such a short time until the "start" date, what do you say to the thousands of people from many parts of the world who have booked and paid for their airline tickets and hotel accommodation? "Sorry you made the trip, but the show was cancelled; would you like to watch a video of last Year's events?" wouldn't quite cut it (in my opinion, as well as many others). Life goes on!

06/25/2013 05:53:43

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