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Posted On 08/12/2013 16:05:54 by Notgrnyyet

When I was growing up there were not many Holidays that we celebrated. But then I don't think there were as many holidays then. Were there? Heck I don't know. Labor Day? Just like any other day in our house. It's the same for me today. Seems like there are too many so called Holidays' now. Most of them don't mean a thing for anyone but a picnic and a three day week-end. I seriously doubt they even know what the celebration is all about.

The Holidays we observed when I was growing up were for Family, Love of God, and everyone coming together in harmony and appreciation. Christmas, Easter, and Thanksgiving were the main ones but  Valentines day was celebrated mostly in school.

The only thing I remember about Labor Day is that our new school term began the day after Labor Day. We didn't need days set aside for picnics. We indeed had picnics often. Our Picnics were just anytime we could all get together with a big wash tub full of ice and cokes, sandwiches, potato salad, pork and beans and something like cookies for dessert. YUMMY! The picnic would be in somebody's yard with everyone contributing.

On the 4th. Of July we all took our picnic to Turner Bend where there was a place for swimming and everyone was there from everywhere. My Papa's (Grandpa) birthday was the 4th of July so the day was more special. And Yep, we knew what the day was set aside for and the meaning.

I guess I'm just getting too old and set in my ways but I think most of the so called Holidays are just a reason for picnics that can turn in to something that doesn't even resemble what I call a Family picnic. Also have you noticed how many Holidays have been changed from the real day it originally was to Mondays? Three Day Week-ends??? Yep!

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