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into the wind
Posted On 03/05/2014 16:12:16 by oppsgal

Five years ago I stood in washington DC with a group of disastisfied American citizens.  The group was given the name of "tea party"  as for me and the group I was with we did not want to become a party.. or a part of a party we wanted to just be independent citizens who were concerned with what was happening to our freedoms and the nation we loved.... I had written this years before.. and in part the issues I wrote about are the same issues today.. not much has changed.... since 2001. 

And still things remain the same in 2014.......

Into the Wind
s e chan aka oppsgal

A Mother sits at her window in the ghetto
watching the children on the street below
Old before they have ever lived
And her cries for justice echo into the wind

Yesterday a boy of 14 in Africa
was led way to a truck
Headed to a city far away
Bought and sold in the year 2001
And his cries for justice echo into the wind

A Father buys a gallon of milk at his local grocery store
His daughters picture is on the carton
An old photo taken 3 years ago
And his cries for justice echo into the wind

An elderly couple sit down to a meager meal
In their 3rd floor walk up  in the city
He had worked all of his life but now is 72
No money for good food and his cries for justice echo into the wind

A proud farmer plows his crop into the dirt
The market value to low to harvest
And the bankers knock on his door for their money
And his cries for justice echo into the wind

In Oklahoma City a family lays flowers
At the memorial of the Federal Building
no one can ever bring back their loved one
And their cries for justice echo into the wind

A Native American Citizen proud of his heritage
Looks out over the Pine Ridge Reservation
Small huddled housing placed there generations ago
Trapped by nothing to do, no way to make a living
And his cries for justice echo into the wind

A wife sits weeping at the counter of her little convince store
Her husband murdered 2 years ago
The gang members will be in prison for 10 years
And Her cries for justice echo into the wind

A single parent raising 4 children
Food stamps, clothing, working 2 jobs
The support checks never came
The caseworker says they will find him someday
just fill out these papers please. Number 42. she calls
And the woman is dismissed
Her cries for justice echo in the wind

The POW sits in his small cell
Still in South Vietnam
He counts the years He is now 55
And his cries for justice echo in the wind

All the politicians stand and recite their long speeches
They smile at the cameras, the press smiles back
Glamor, glitter, 2000 dollar suits
Party at the White House tonight
Passing laws that restrict our freedoms one by one
And Someday. Somehow. Someplace
Their Cries for votes to reelect them
Will echo into the wind

How will it all change? Where will it all end?
It begins with you and me then the
Wind will roar, and the echo will be multiplied
As each one adds their voice and takes a personal stand
Only then can justice come and blow the sorrow away into the wind.

Tags: Politicial National Tea Party Justice Poor Hungry Civil Rights


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03/05/2014 17:19:25

Thanks for the comments.

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