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Birthday Gift to Myself
Posted On 04/23/2014 21:09:39 by schyeblue

This is my first blog here on NotOverTheHill.

Today is the day after my 59th birthday. Neither my birthday gifts or cards weren't plentiful but they were nice and heartfelt. I received 3 cards and 2 gifts plus a birthday dinner today. But the gift I gave myself seems to be having the longest lasting affect. (I hate words like affect and effect. They drive me nuts! I am never sure which one I'm supposed to use...ever!!) Anyway, I digress. The gift I gave to myself was the gift of a cold!! YUCK!! 

In truth there must have been something else I could have done. Anything would have been better. Ok, not anything. Going into debt to buy yourself a gift would not have been better and I am sure there are plenty of other things even more unpleasant I could think of but won't bother to list here. I would lose my audience faster than fast!

So, tomorrow I go to the doc to see what's going on. February 23rd I went to the ER with Viral Pneumonia so maybe I still am not fully immune to nasty little bugs out there. I live most of my life in a power chair so that means I don't get much exercise and my lungs don't breathe the way they should. I damaged a lung during my bout with pneumonia. This time it only lasted a month. The last time (several years ago) I got pneumonia and it lasted 2 months. I am giving my body a stern talking to. "This time around is it. I am done with being sick, ya hear me??"

I feel better now.

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04/24/2014 17:59:44

Well, I went to the doc today. Just a simple cold. That's a relief!! They were supposed to have called in my scrips but, alas, they have not. Now I am not so happy. I have this deal with MedFast but I called Medfast yesterday to let them know I was going to the doc and that I would most likely be getting cold medication scrips and that MedFast was not to fill those. I called Rite Aid and told them about my convo with MedFast so they would know that they are allowed to fill these types of medications. Otherwise, I have to wait longer for MedFast to fill them because of UPS delivery. MedFast is really cool about filling all my other meds but they have a tendency to get anything coming into RiteAid most likely due to the way the system is set up at one or both of their establishments.

I need to start on my antibiotic and Flonase ASAP. Looks like that's not gonna happen which means I get to stay sicker longer. And we have a weekend coming up on top of everything else. Did I forget to mention that I was not happy?? Yep, still not happy. 

04/24/2014 10:04:35

Found your very first blog interesting, please keep writing and don't give yourself anymore gifts..lol.


04/24/2014 06:54:56

The power of positive thinking! And a high quality diet - one that will build your auto immune system is going to be helpful. It helps you build your resistance to infections that come "visiting" through the 'air'.  I hope your doctor helps you and that those darn germs go to live someplace else, not in or on you!! Hope you have a speedy healthy recovery.

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