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Memorial day USA
Posted On 05/24/2014 03:18:03 by waltaylor

Tags: Patriotic


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06/22/2014 14:18:38

Wonderfully expressed walt.Smileycons!

05/26/2014 12:52:17

 Love it Walt. So many use this day for picnics etc. never even stopping in Thankfulness to the many men and women died to secure their freedom.

05/24/2014 17:50:20

Walt, What Beautiful Words.  May I remind everyone that I am still collecting letters to veterans and will be distributing them to the Veterans at the Las Vegas VA Hosp actually on Veterans Day. Veterans Day is not until November but would appreciate your letters now so I can print them out and prepare each letter with patriotic stickers.  & such. Please send your letters to Veterans to me via message  here on NOTH. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated! & will be noted they come from you , a member of Not Over The Hill.

I appreciate your contribution to Letters to Veterans.  a simple task but the one receiving your letter it could make the day for the veteran receiving your letter. Not sure right now but there is a chance I will be able to help the veteran respond to your caring letters. I will be a "companion to a Veteran at the Hosp.

I spent a day out there watching the Veterans in wheel chairs. walkers, & more and I must say, it is sad, Many with PTS and the wives of these veterans aging very fast due to the stress they are living with. They try to keep going. I was able to make a veteran smile  & he said, "you made me laught" I said, that is a good thing, isn't it?He said, do you have any other jokes to tell me? I said I will certainly work on some Then we can have a lot of fun just laughing  About that time our conversation ended as he got called into the lab for a blood test. As he is going into the lab, he yelled to me, Will you come back.? I said certainly for you, I will be back. & for the rest of you waiting here we will talk next time and have some fun.  BIG SMILES filled the little room!  Karen

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