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Posted On 06/21/2014 18:21:58 by Notgrnyyet


Recalling things takes a lot out of me these days because my memory is not as good as it was. Remembering also puts so much back in to my life that the effort is well worth it. Sitting down and trying to remember a specific thing is impossible almost. It is smells, colors, words, people and so many things that trigger a memory. Sometimes the memory is so fleeting it is gone in a few seconds but sometimes it starts so many things to roll through my mind that is is staggering. I hope my memory is the last thing that goes from me. I'd be lost without all my lovely memories.

Brenda and I made so many memories that they boggle my mind at times. We had such a full life full of twists and turns, in's and outs, and giggles and tears. There are things I'd rather not remember sometimes because those were the times we were on the outs and fighting over some stupid thing.

Once we both decided we liked the same boy. We had google eyes over a boy that will remain unnamed here. He was probably the ugliest thing you ever laid eyes on. His voice was a big whine and  his ego was as big as his stupidness. The less likely one in the world that we would both fall madly in love with. I think we were 10 years old so of course it was puppy love but no less hurtful none the less.

We argued and fought like wild cats. Our Daddies thought it was comical but our Mamma's tried to talk us out of it. I said, “Brenda you know he likes me best you are just stubborn”. She'd say “No Clydene he likes me and can't stand you”. It started as just words but before you knew it a full blown cat fight broke out in my bedroom one day. Mamma broke it up and made us apologize to one another and sent Brenda home.

The next day in school we carried the battle on and had to be separated again. The Teachers shamed us and asked how we thought the boy felt about our silliness. I think he liked it fine to tell you the truth but he would never have said so.

We completely stopped talking to one another. One day in school we literally got in a fight over him. I mean literally because he was in the middle. We were both a good head taller and outweighed him several pounds so when we started tussling over him he got the worst of it. In the battle somehow his glasses got knocked off his face and he started swinging. We both were standing there with our mouths open because we were shocked that he had the nerve to dare to hit us. Of course he couldn't see and all the poor thing could do was swing and try to get rid of the two crazy things that had hold of him. He swung his fist, hit Brenda in the nose, came back with it and hit me smack dab in the eye.

Now he'd done it! We could fight one another but woe to the one who dared to touch either one of us. If the teacher hadn't come on the scene we planned to hurt that little pip squeak. How dare he hurt Brenda, How dare he hurt Clydene!!!

That was the end of that great love affair for both of us by golly. I don't think in all the coming years we ever fell in “LOVE” with the same boy again. Heck no, That was too much trouble and got us in way too many messes! I'm just so relieved and happy that we didn't break the poor boys glasses. Our Parents would have had to pay for them and they certainly couldn't have afforded that.

Brenda and I loved one another unconditionally but we fought too and the fights were humdingers!!!!

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06/23/2014 15:12:21

Wonderful to have those memories good or bad,they are ours. Hope you retain them until such time as you don't need them anymore.. Exceptional read Clydene. Cheers Nancy

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