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The lost was found ... at the Rummage Sale!
Posted On 06/27/2014 00:11:12 by yourchoice

How did this happen? Or should I ask why did this happen?  

We are visiting family in Washington State this week. Two events caused us to pack our bags and hit the road again ... two grandgirls are playing in Championship Little League ball games (we've never had the opportunity to watch them in any of their sports events), and ... the Annual Kiwanas Rummage Sale weekend. We love the adventure of looking for bargains that are so good that we can't afford not to buy them. If we don't need it, we'll find someone else who can use it.  

We were at the sale preview today, and an amazing thing happened ...! The gym of the school where the Rummage Sale is held, was the location of books, videos, DVDs, records, and office supplied, and my hubby asks me to keep an eye open for a particular book that he has read many times, and has shared with friends and family. It is out of print and not easy to find because it originally was a gift book, so there is not a specific author, only the publisher is known. Today, I found one, and it was in excellent condition. Hubby was so pleased to find such a good copy. When we returned to our daughter's home this evening, he brought out the book to look at it again, and when he looked at the inside page, he read, "To Olivia, from Nana and Papa, September 2012 ... in his own handwriting. While he was showing it to me, our grand-daughter Olivia came into the room and explaind, "You found my book! I missed it and wondered what had happened to it! Where did you find it?" "At the book sale," we answered, and then learned that Dad and Mom had been 'purging' their home of stuff, and donated to this rummage sale. Apparently, Olivia was meant to still be the owner of a book that was her favorite ... as well as her Papa's favorite.

The title of the book is ... 'In His Own Words; The Words of Jesus".

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06/29/2014 22:26:14

Jane wrote:

Do YOU believe in 'miracles'? I do.

Absolutely ... and sometimes we even recognize them as miracles, and not just 'stuff happens!'

06/29/2014 07:42:47

Do YOU believe in 'miracles'? I do.

06/27/2014 20:00:14

Isn't it wonderful when we can see God's hand in things like this He is all knowning, and in control of all things. !!  He cares for the small things in our lives as well as the big things.  Big Smile here. !! 

06/27/2014 11:54:40

That is what my pastor/mentor calls a "God-incidence"!

06/27/2014 03:42:38

What an amazing story. Some things are just meant to be.

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