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Our visit to The Insulator Ranch in B.C.
Posted On 07/04/2014 12:08:05 by yourchoice

We are home after a wonderful road trip through the Canadian Rockies, and to visit our daughter and family in Washington state. I thought I would share one of our stops, with a bit of an explanation.

I have been a collector of telephone/telegraph insulators for years. If you have read my page, my only explanation of this collection is because they are a part of our history, and many are just pretty glass!

It started when my husband began collecting vintage telephones. We often encountered people who assumed that if we were interested in telephones, we would also be interested in insulators, and gave us boxes full of them. They were happy to get rid of them because they were of no use and just took up space. However, the more I looked into the history, the more fascinated I was with them.

Growing up on a farm, we would often use them for target practice, much to the annoyance of the local telephone man. When I married my "telephone man", he was one of those annoyed guys because he had to climb the telephone poles to replace the smashed insulators, to get the telephones back in service. Now he has to put up with his wife who likes them because they are "pretty glass" objects.

On our trip, I finally had the opportunity to visit The Insulator Ranch, and meet the 'Insulator Bob'. Now THAT'S A COLLECTION! I'll have to get reconnected with more collectors now ... I have a renewed interest now. We are planning to return to the Ranch in September, for the Annual Collectors' Show and Sale.

Click on the link below to visit the

The Insulator Ranch

Now I must keep reminding myself that my "treasures" are our kids' junk! So be it!   

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07/04/2014 22:27:39

Yes, a lovely collection, thank goodness, they are not kept in the house and have to be dusted and looked after by the wife!  lolol.. I do believe there is a song by the late Ms Tammy Wynett called D-I-V-O-R-C-E!    Cheers Nancy..

07/04/2014 18:49:39

kiwibarb wrote:

Well those are so pretty! The ones here all seem to be brown, not that I've taken particular notice.

Barb, there was a whole section of foreign insulators, including from your country. There were brown ones and brown marbled ones, and also white porcelain ones. I learned that many were similar in design as ones manufactured in England, probably because of the association of the countries. Designs from Russia and the Baltic regions were quite different.

07/04/2014 18:39:21

Altara33606 wrote:

Wow..quite a collection! ( I posted a comment on YouTube, too).

I had to do a bit of practicing because I haven't made any slideshows for some time. I guess "use it or lose it" is a valid reminder!!!

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