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Weather ... what to do about it!
Posted On 07/17/2014 21:51:56 by yourchoice

Everybody talks about the weather, even though we can't do a thing about it. Living in a rural setting among farmers and ranchers, the weather conditions are:

  • Too hot ... the crops will burn up; where's the snow now?
  • Too cold ... nothing is going to grow; too much snow
  • Too dry ... not enough rain
  • Too wet ... too much rain
  • Too windy ... we're losing all the topsoil
  • Too calm ... where's the Chinook when we need it?

Today it was too hazy with all the smoke from the wildfires, and this evening the hailstones are too big ... causing damage to cars, crops, etc. It takes a lot to keep us happy.

This photo was on the evening news ... comparing the size of the hailstone with a tennis ball. The storm was just north of us but we escaped the whole thing. We had been in the city, and watched the clouds forming, and we knew we had to head for home, and get our van in the garage before it got damaged.   Today, I've been reminded again to be thankful for what we don't have ...   

  • hurricanes
  • earthquakes
  • tornados (well, maybe an occasional one!)
  • tsunamis
  • sand storms
  • floods (except for last year)
  • heat waves
  • drought
  • year-round winter (as at the north and south poles)

That's all I'll have to say about the weather ... I'll take whatever comes along.

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07/21/2014 12:59:13

Your blog brought back memories of gardening in Springtime on the highveld, whilst the summer rains were always welcome (nothing like the smell of approaching rain after the long dry winter), the heartache that followed the heavy storms was wrenching when surveying the new planted garden smashed to bits and surrounded by hailstones. I remember one year we had invested in standard roses and the storm was so bad it ripped the complete head of a rose bush off its stem.

When I was new to things South African, many years ago now, I thought coming from England I knew all about rain but having arrived at the end of May, had come through my first dry winter, and as the season changed later in the year was treated to an awe inspiring storm one afternoon whilst at work. I had never seen rain like it and my boss indulged my time-wasting wonderment as I stood at a window watching it pour down and of course hail down too. It transpired I had witnessed a really bad storm, factory windows were smashed, trees were stripped, birds were killed and fell from trees, cars were so badly damaged beyond panel-beating.

Yes, the weather has a unique power over us all and those of us who dwell in gentler climes can indeed be thankful we don't live in a monsoon region. Right now, Ibiza is hot and dry, and vulnerable to forest fires as the little island is packed with pine trees that can explode in a fire and send sparks everywhere to rapidly spread the dreaded danger, so we keep our fingers crossed that the island will get through this summer without more fires. I miss our garden, and other things, but the choice to live in an apartment rather than in 'el campo' I think was wise at this stage of our lives, it is noisy though (traffic - we are in town), but I quite enjoy other sounds of the Spanish in their daily lives.

Be well.


07/18/2014 18:45:12

Hi and 'Thank you' for that post.  We saw the same clip of the hail.. it was unreal. We felt terrible for the folks that were caught in it.  Personally I detest winter..and this past winter was 'A Winter from Hell' at least in our part of Ontario.  Have a nice weekend.. Cheers Nancy.

07/18/2014 08:20:46

For some people, the weather is the only thing found exciting, in their lives. I have found I tend to talk about the weather, more, now that I am "older". (old). It is one thing that all have in common - weather changes. Enjoed your blog and the poem by a contributor, about their camp poem.

07/17/2014 22:18:23

At 4-H and at YWCA camp, we chanted "Weather"

Whether the weather be fine,
Or whether the weather be not,
Whether the weather be cold,
Or whether the weather be hot,
We'll weather the weather
Whatever the weather,
Whether we like it or not!

Author: unknown

Was a valuable lesson to learn!

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