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Gray Day
Posted On 07/23/2014 15:20:20 by oppsgal

Today is a gray day, the air is muggy, and if you go outside it feels as if your oxygen is being supressed.  I don't go outside on days like this because I have breathing problems.  And although it's only in the low 70's I have the A/C turned on.  But I do enjoy sitting in the chair at my bedroom window and looking outside. 

I see so many things, the leaves are turning bottom up waiting on the rain to come.  A mourning dove waddles around in the grass underneath the small tree in the front yard.  I only see one dove his mate is not with him, they most always appear in pairs so I wonder if she has passed away  and he is left behind to exist by himself for they mate for life.  He looks lonely just bobbing his head and slowly walking around then he flys off.  A golden finch comes and sits on a branch, I  have had a finch feeder out all summer but its still full of thistle seeds I wait to see if he will fly down and sit on the feeder but he just looks and flys away.  Then the tree begins to stir, and the raindrops come falling down.  The earth that is nothing but dust where the grass will not grow soon turns a dark black, and the breeze is blowing harder into a wind. 

No more birds are out, the squirel across the way has darted into the large oak tree.  And I decide to get up and make a cup of tea.  Fall will be here before I know it. 

I will miss the summer, yet let the colors come and delight me once more.

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08/09/2014 04:47:36

well written and touching.  Summer coming to an end is always a little sad.  That poor morning dove.  It's sad when they lose their mates.

07/25/2014 07:51:18

....... So many miss some of the things around them , life is too fast for them ..........

.............. Slow down and enjoy ............

07/24/2014 22:22:06

Thank you for commenting. 

07/23/2014 22:10:15

What an interesting topic for a blog ... just sit and observe, and then paint a 'word picture' for others to "sit in your chair" (or 'walk in your shoes'). I think it is a great thing to do ... for any of us!  

Thanks for your posting!


07/23/2014 20:04:23

A very pleasant yet sad read.. I enjoyed it Gal.. Enjoy the day..Nancy

07/23/2014 15:35:01

I could  visualize the scene you described! Thanks for sharing.

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