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Chatting pays off ... sometimes!
Posted On 08/07/2014 17:43:22 by yourchoice

Today has been my day at home before our planned weekend of fun ... at least fun for my hubby. I had to keep my attention on my To-Do List, because even the 'normal' activities here have been neglected. Summers are a busy time and we still have another month to go before the children are back to school.

Our plans for the weekend are to attend the 45th Annual Show and Reunion at Pioneer Acres in Irricana, Alberta. Being that I'm married to a 'tractor man', I will be with him ... but my fun will be taking pictures and chatting with people I know ... or don't know! Sometimes my chatting pays off in more ways than one. Hubby was invited to enter his refurbished John Deere tractor at this show, and he just doesn't like all the publis attention. He's happy to show pictures, and prefers one-on-one contacts. I'm going to post pictures of his tractor on his page (oldphoneman) here, or you can find it by visiting my page and clicking on the red telephone.

On Monday, we were on our way to meet friends for lunch, and decided to investigated a sign on the highway "ANTIQUES AND BARNWOOD FOR SALE". We met a lady at her farm, and she loved to talk as much as I did. While hubby wondered around the yard (where I wasn't able to navigate), she and I found all sorts of common interests. We exchanged business/calling cards, agreeing that we needed more time to visit.

Guess what? She called the next morning because she would like to see hubby's telephone collection. She arrived about noon on Tuesday, had lunch with us and then got lost in the storage sheds all afternoon, leaving about 7 p.m. with a "load" of vintage telephones that she will include in an upcoming Vintage and Antique Show. WOW! Hubby now has a pocket filled with 'mad money', and a new friend.

Life is a hoot ... and we're grateful for it!

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08/10/2014 00:07:23

How FUN!

08/09/2014 06:13:58

Thanks for the blog, Mona! Sure you will enjoy yourselves at the Reunion! Your life is full! 

08/09/2014 01:21:07

To WaltTaylor,

Thanks for the 'verse', and for the chuckle it caused! I am honored!


08/08/2014 21:16:30

08/08/2014 07:53:27

Life IS good! You keep an open mind and you have it filled with interesting experiences and people. Yes, it is a busy summer time, but think of the memories, you collect for cold winter days! Keep on going so that we can continue enjoying your experiences, here.

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