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For The Birds
Posted On 09/22/2014 23:05:18 by BreeWolfe

I have a a Grand Oak in my back yard, the neighbors have one in their front yard. By my front door I have a small fir tree in a big pot. A little gray bird has built a nest in the small tree. She comes and goes, flying right pass my front door and window. I'm careful to be quiet when I walk past her nest. My yard needs mowing but, it will have to wait. There are so many large trees around and all sorts of birds coming and going, sea birds from the gulf, hawks, etc. Maybe she made her nest in the little tree next to the front porch because the big birds are flying around looking down on the big trees for prey. I watched her come and go, feeding those new little baby birds.

Today I went to check on the baby birds and a cat had torn down the nest and ate the baby birds. They had just hatched a few days before. The nest was torn to pieces. Mama bird keeps coming back to look for them. I put the nest back together as best I could could and returned it to the tree. Mama bird must have put up quite a fight. There was cat hair tangled in the broken nest.

The cat belongs to my neighbors across the street. When her kids left home they left their cat and dogs. The dogs are in a fenced in back yard and I have never seen anyone with them. They are out there no matter what the weather. I've had the cat visit before. She usually chases lizards on my patio. She knocks a lot of things over but, I didn't mind. I think she got a garden snake, too. And, I guess it is just nature for her to eat the birds. I just wish they hadn't hatched yet. I have since built mommy bird a proper bird house, snake and cat proof (Maybe) but, I doubt she will ever come back. Well, the cat still visits, the black snake shows up once in a while and, the birds are still chirping, the wood pecker is still knocking his beak on the telephone pole. LOL The frogs are chasing lizards and I'm still chasing wasps away from the patio swing. I spray them with 'Freeze" hair spray LOL It isn't poison but they move on! And so does nature...   

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10/07/2014 23:12:58

I thought for sure the cat was gone but, today I saw it again. It's too bad that the person it belongs to will not take care of it or feed it.

10/07/2014 15:00:55

 Bree,     I can relate to your paid from the loss of the baby birds.  After a couple of scenarios like yours, I noted that the cat seemed to always come around the same time of day so I waited for it with a garden hose.  It only took 2 surprise showers for the cat to  decide to hunt elsewhere.  




09/29/2014 19:47:44

 Aww that is sad bree.   Hopefully Momma will have more again. 

09/25/2014 06:23:48

.......... Sometimes nature is just cruel .......... Nature goes on ............

09/23/2014 23:18:41

Thank you so much for your responses!

09/23/2014 02:34:36

Thank you so much ladies!

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