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Posted On 11/22/2014 15:07:16 by emom101

2014*11*22 Saturday EMOM'S MOUNTAIN NEWS

Welcome home, dear hearts, welcome home!  Help yourselves in the kitchen and then come on outside and sit in the partial sun for a bit!  Great day!

Have I ever mentioned I have a strange way of living life??? Asking the same question of you... lolol  Have you ever done something you know better to do and then do it anyway?  Sheesh!  Sometimes I think I need a keeper! (Back to this in a minute, the keeper thingy)

Cold weather here off and on, right?  OK, so now I've rooted out the old paint sweatpants and painted t-shirts.  (still doing laundry on the summer things) Well, any way, knowing full well what could happen if I stand and try to get dressed... remember my balance problems... I get the pants and top and head for the bathroom.  I get out of the caftan and start to pull on the pants.  Right foot/leg into the top.  I promptly put my right foot in the right side pocket of the sweats... lololol 

Now, there I stand... left hand holding pants, right hand hanging on to door knob... shoulder now up against the bathroom door.. Dogs standing in door way to hall with strange looks (she's at it again) on their faces while I get untangled.  And to think I KNOW BETTER than to do this one legged foot in pocket possible thing. I know to park my buns on the seat but I don't do it anyway!  Am I making any sense here at all?

Tell you about the battles with the caftans later... or not.. lolol  BTW, a caftan is the best thing to wear in hot weather.  Even tho there is a lot of fabric involved, body motions cause caftan to move and, so help me, keep the body cooler.  The small air movements between the body and the fabric are so very cooling.

Marv, heads up here... Just discovered that Otzi, the ice man, had Lyme Disease!  That guy lived/died 5,000 years ago.  Bite your tongue, I am not quite that old BUT am I in a class with the famous or what?  lolol

Oh, a heads up here... them little corkscrew lightbulbs we are being forced (no choice) to buy right now can catch fire whether turned on or off.  I watched and helped put out several flourescent lights at work one time... it's the starters... Just be careful.

Oh, I keep forgetting... The Marv.  Has a new houseguest. No No NO!  Not that kind.  The four legged kind.  A HOUSE MOUSE!  And a super smart one at that!  Mousie can clean the mouse trap of the chunky peanut butter without tripping the mechanism!  Wowser.  Well, the Marv caught the smart mouse on some sticky paper and sorta' threw him away.  Mousie did not give up.  Marv found him - turned him loose out back.  (Whisper here...I'm sure mouse and Marv bonded) Anyhow, I told the Marv to make a feeding station out back and keep it stocked with peanut butter and other mouse goodies.  Any updates, and I'll let you know!

Take care all of mine and go in safety always. Remember that kindness to others cost nothing. You could end up with a mouse!

Many hugs, much love and lots of laffter... meems


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