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Posted On 12/12/2014 16:19:41 by emom101

2014*12*12 Friday EMOM'S MOUNTAIN NEWS...

Welcome home, dear hearts, welcome home.  Get in here and get warm! Even tho today was warmer and sunny, that 26 deg we had this morning was a doozy!

I know, I know... I've been remiss in my duties here.  (but ya love me anyway? right? ok, lie a little) The last two weeks or so have been hellacious!

Let's see here...About three weeks ago, Clyde disappeared. Saturday a week ago, Dish went out. No TV overnite. Nary a sound..no lights on either.  I was snuggled under a gazillion covers..comfy, cozy but wide awake.  Mother nature was calling and I didn't want to roll out.

OK, so it was about 0630 hours, window open, Houdi outside. All of a sudden, I hear an elderly male voice outside the east window. Now, because of the rain, it was still pitch black out there. Male voice shouted ''get off me''.  I figure that Houdi was greeting him.  Well anyway, I rolled out and grabbed the .38 and fired a round thru the bedroom window. Can you imagine another hole in the bedroom screen???? I bellowed out the window: ''and don't come back!".  Sheesh, I don't even need to get out of bed any more to get into trouble! 

So, anyway, then this past Monday, my IPS server went down totally.  Took phones and puter system down... AAAAAARGH! Still not sure system are all in service.  No phones, no puters-I called for extra patrol tuesday nite for the area.  Seems like ALL the services throughout my local service were down.  Whoopee!

OK, so Clyde had been gone for a week or better.  I decided I'd better start looking for a backup for Houdi.  (the gov has been stocking our area with all kinds of killer critters... truth... not counting the humans running the area) So, I started putting feelers out looking for a young dog (6 months maybe or less) Had people checking bulletin boards all over the surrounding territories looking for a freebie.  Will tell y'all about the freebie in the next edition if I remember... lololol  The brain is definitely going/gone! 

I'm outa here for a while.  Go in safety all of mine and DO take care! Remember if you come to visit, I shoot first and ask questions later... lolol

Many hugs, much love and loads of laffter... the manic meems  lolol


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